Carson Brown Shreds #259 KX250 at Vurb Classic Practice

The title says it all! Enjoy!


  1. I’m trying to find out the overall finishing orders for the third Moto classic next level 101 Gray Court can you help me

  2. Finishing orders of the vurb Moto classic from this past weekend at next level 101 Gray Court South Carolina

Written by Vurbwes Chilidog

Been 'round these parts making dirtbike movies since '02; a weathered veteran with moto and camera related back issues, the hearing equivalent to my great-great grandfather's, and a dirt tan that will literally never come off. But I'm still in way better shape than every other dog in this joint, but that's because I use Chili and no slaw.

Power Rankings: SMX Round 2

Vurb Classic Schedule Change: Practice Starts at 8:00 a.m.