Big Air and a Ridiculous Transfer. Sandlot Sends V1 with DS164 Edits

Remember the dude (Danny Stuart of DS164 Edits and MotoLimelight) that shot all those epic Jimmy Decotis videos… and then the Berm Blasters videos… and hundreds of videos in between? Well, HE’S BACK! But, he actually never went anywhere at all, just working behind the scenes on things like Red Bull Moto Spy, Imagination, Jett Lawrence “On Rails”, etc.

He decided to dust off his Vurb Original boots and head to Sandlot in Punta Gorda, Florida (formerly Florida Tracks and Trails) and film with sickos Christian Dresser and David Hollinrake as they decided to make the pro track their own little playground.

Enjoy some big whips, big air, and a ridiculous transfer. Thanks DS164 Edits!

Written by DannyStu

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