Vurb Vlog Life Epi 4 ft. Christian Dresser and David Hollinrake

Episode 4 of the Vurb Vlog series takes you behind the scenes of last week’s upload “Sandlot Sends”.  Is this a proper vlog? Admittedly, no.  I’m not a vlogger, and this is about as vloggy as I’m going to get.  But this collection of footage shows off what the day was like and how good Christian Dresser and David Hollinrake are.

With some downtime between Moto Spy shoot days, I figured it’d be cool to hit up local (to that area) badass Christian Dresser and see if he wanted to link up for some shooting.  I always like to include a fellow New Englander anytime I can, and I figured David Hollinrake would be the perfect addition to this.  I sent him a text out of the blue seeing if by any chance he was going to be in Florida at any point within the next week.  Sure enough, he was headed down that way just in time for this to shape up.  Despite showing up with a broken hand, he was determined to tough it out and still make the best of it.  

Sweating it out on a track all day by yourself with the camera is never ideal, and so another random text I sent was to Vurb’s OG/ longtime friend Brandon Bolling to see if he’d want to cruise out and just have a mellow day shooting “for fun”. Now a days, most of our shoot days are work related.  A stress free day working with riders who ‘want’ to work with you is when we can really have fun doing what we’re doing.

Written by DannyStu

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