A Dirt Bike Kid’s Christmas 

As dirt bike kids, we strive for things. It is that desire within the fuels the courage needed to risk it all for a plastic trophy or just to say you jumped the jump you said you would clear on the way to the track. At Christmas time, the wish list is long, and we hope that every dirt bike kid gets what they were hoping for from jolly old Saint Nic.  

Alright, now let’s go over some of the best moto related gifts that a dirt bike kid (or adult) can find under the Christmas tree.  

New Bike for Christmas! 

This is the ultimate moto related gift so let’s start there. Now, I have not heard of too many 250s and 450s being gifted on Christmas morning but given the fact that we have seen big bows placed on the hood of a few new cars over the years, there must be some dirt bike kids who wake up to a brand new full blown motocrosser and that is awesome. Often, a new bike for Christmas usually comes in the form of a mini-bike or in some cases a young person’s first dirt bike. Whether it was a Kawasaki KX60, Yamaha PW 50 or something along those lines. That first dirt bike being gifted at Christmas is about as special of a way you can be introduced to the world of motocross as possible.  

I personally never woke up to a new dirt bike in the garage, but I was able to flip the script on my dad by tracking down a 1978 RM125 back in 2016 and was able to surprise him with a replica of one of his old race bikes from his glory days. Dad was blown away and rightfully so because a dirt bike is the ultimate Christmas present. 

Motocross Gear 

First all, we hope Santa ordered everything through Motosport.com to find excellent selection on all the best brands with prompt shipping on all orders. In all seriousness, new gear is damn never the most coveted Christmas gift for any motocrosser. (Unless of course you live in Minnesota where riding season is a few months away at this point.)  

If you’re fortunate enough to live in the southern states where riding in the winter is quite practical, you rip open that new gear and immediately start checking to see if Mesquite Mx is hosting practice over the new year’s weekend. I will save you that Google search, they are open! Now, surprising someone with motocross gear can be a bit tricky trying to figure out sizes and style because the options are limitless. Fortunately, Santa has mastered the art of the gift receipt so you really cannot go wrong.  

Bolt Ons 

No, not those bolt ons. We are talking about that exhaust system or handlebars you always wanted. This gift often results in some very important time spent in the garage as soon as possible if for no other reason than to see your new parts installed.  

I remember getting a brand-new set of Renthal Twin Wall handlebars for Christmas and being devastated that my dad was not going to hurry out to the garage where it was -35 degrees outside to install my new bars. Christmas can be a bit anticlimactic for a Canadian into motocross. 

Track Wear 

What is almost as good as new gear to wear at the track? Well, the latest apparel from your local dealer or favorite online retailer must be high on the list. Back in the day, if you got one of those One Industries Monster Energy hoodies, you were beyond stoked to rock it at the track. Heading back to the track or school after the Christmas holidays with some new threads is a great way to kick off the new year. As long as Santa should figure out your size and style. It’s tough for him to know what the kids are digging these days.  

New Year New Look 

If you don’t have new graphics rolling into the new year, are you even racing? Santa doesn’t wait for a week before spring nationals to get the new all squared away and hopefully you will find a fresh kit under the tree on Christmas morning. If you do not, the moto related gifts you do receive come with stickers because stickers are awesome.  

Motocross Experience 

Maybe it’s a week at a training facility like NXT LVL 101 or Georgia Practice Facility or maybe it’s tickets to the next AMA Arenacross or Monster Energy Supercross! Either way, some of the best gifts are not something tangible but instead it’s an experience to share with friends and family.  

Reality is, not everyone has as much to celebrate as others do at Christmas time. We at Vurbmoto hope that you and your family are healthy, happy, and enjoying your dirt bike life as best you can. May this year bring many sessions of throttle therapy and the best of luck when the gate drops.  

From the whole squad at Vurbmoto. Merry Christmas.  

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