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This amazing new column is presented by Vurb Merch. That’s right we’re sponsoring ourselves until we get a sponsor. Shop now and help Slaw get more claws.

We here at Vurb like to give back to our loyal readers. Whether it be through amazing discounts to our store (SHOP NOW DOGGIES) or through Slaw’s amazing blogs, we are here for you guys and gals. 

Even with those awesome discounts and Slaw’s fire blogs, we felt we could do more. That’s why we are introducing a new column: Ask the Vurb Staff Anything. 

Have a question about video stuff? Chili and ArtDog will be here to answer them.

Have a life advice question? Slaw is here for you. 

Have a question about Chizz? Troy Dog has your back. 

Have a question about kids and the corporate world? Bird Dog will be there. 

Literally, ask us anything and we will answer it. Okay, maybe not ANYTHING. Let’s not talk about me and your mom. 

Leave a comment below or email and check back later this week for our sound advice. 

If we missed something last week, we’ll try and get to it this week.


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  1. How will Kailub Russel do in the 250 outdoors? Top 10? Top 5? And will he eat a celebratory hotdog on the podium, should he find himself there?

  2. What’s the best way for an Unknown Film Dog to get some honest feedback/criticism when their friends won’t tell them that they suck.

  3. Although not mentioned in the article, I am here to answer any and all things Boogie Boarding. Along with other things regarding how I come up with the questions for No One Cares and my opinion on Sh** Talking in Moto (although this is answered in the write up)

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