Aaron Plessinger Provides Injury Update Following Unadilla Crash

Aaron Plessinger has taken to Instagram to explain the bizarre crash in the first 450 moto at the Unadilla National on Saturday and provide an update on his status for Budds Creek this Saturday.

After hounding leader Ken Roczen for the opening 8 laps of the 15 lap first 450 moto on Saturday, Plessinger landed hard after the finish line and immediately looped out.

Plessinger’s bike was destroyed and he remained down for some time as the Alpinestars Medical team assessed him. He was eventually able to stand under his own power and walk to the medical mule before being carted away, but he was unable to line up for the second moto. 

“I ended up landing in a hole which jarred my hand and sent the bike wide open,” he stated on Instagram. “I ended up doing a half back flip to the ground. I was spitting blood for quite a while and the docs wanted me to go get scanned and stuff and get some X-rays done.” 

“I think I came out best-case scenario, with a bruised lung and a slightly bruised liver,” he continued. “We’ll go from here and see what we can do, see if I can ride this week or not.

“Really sucks. I was feeling really good. Me and Kenny were really putting the hammer down. I’m more hungry now that every I guess. That win’s been eluding me and I need to get it done before the end of the year. Let’s get back to it. That’s behind us now and we’ll push on forward.”

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