A Ton of Photos From the RedBud National for You to Enjoy

Round 4 of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship took place at RedBud on Saturday. 

Our man Mike Vizer was there to shoot photos. We then posted said photos on this site for you to enjoy!

Follow Mike on IG for cool dirtbike stuff and cats and stuff.

Written by Mike Vizer

Mike Vizer is an anomaly. He enjoys cruising the United States in a 1994 Ford E-150 conversion van whilst stopping everywhere he can to sweat out gallons running around dirtbike tracks taking dirtbike photos. He has all kinds of magic devices wrapped around him that allow him to upload images to the internet faster than anyone else in the world. He tried karate for a few months in his much younger years, and didn't like it much at all, and never actually acquired a belt of any color. But he loves hotdogs with only cheese and mayonnaise on them. Again, he's an anomaly.

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