5 Things We Learned at Round 2 of the SMX Playoffs

18 Vs. 94

I don’t understand. I’ve read many people’s takes on this situation, but my big brain can’t comprehend the fact that Lawrence let Roczen by. I’m feeling like I’m missing out on a very important piece of information. The move had nothing to do with the overall or any points going into LA. Furthermore, Roczen was gaining time on Jett through the race and it looked like he was going to get him regardless. Why not just fight for the win and the best rider wins? If I were Ken, the check would cash, but I’d feel a little mad about how it went down. Don’t let me pass you, give me everything you’ve got because I’m coming through anyway. I don’t need your “baby gifts”, I’ve got plenty of money already. Also, where is T-Dog’s baby gift? All I got when Duke Dog was born was 9 months of colic and 2 ½ years of no sleep. 

Supermini Senders

Can we agree to not have supermini riders race on pro tracks? I think Saturday night was the final straw on that deal for me. These kids are coming off of a great performance at Loretta Lynn’s, so they aren’t going to turn down an opportunity like this to prove themselves on such a big stage. Around the halfway point the track became a sea of yellow flags and a handful of kids did not finish. Vincent Wey and Canyon Richards were both very lucky to get out of those crashes without serious injury. Just with the big jumps, the rain that made the landings sticky, and the atmosphere was a recipe for disaster. I know these kids will have to learn how to ride these tracks if they want to go pro, but I’m not sure it’s such a good idea on a supermini bike. 

Deegan Ghost Ride?

It’s all set up. This is the way that the script has been written. It’s been 26 years since Brian Deegan launched his infamous ghost ride after winning the LA Coliseum in 1997. Now his son Haiden has a chance of winning the SMX playoffs in the same building. Could you imagine the pandemonium if Deegan goes 1-1 this weekend and it works out to where he is in fact the SMX Playoff champion? He would absolutely have to ghost ride his bike, just like his dad. We’re sorry to the AMA in advance, but this needs to happen, the fans will sign a petition to make it happen.

Phil Factor

Since Ironman I’ve been really impressed to see Phil Nicoletti return to form. The past two seasons have been riddled with injuries for the ClubMX rider. Yet, Phil keeps hammering down. In the second moto at Chicago he ripped an awesome holeshot and held off the charging favorites for a bit. It was a cool deal really. The 34-year-old is a fan favorite due to his incredible charm and way with words. He’s having to race the LCQ’s every week and it seems to be helping him in the long run. He’s going to have a healthy payday coming up. He went 7-9 for eighth overall in Chicago.   

Winner Takes All 

Sexton admitted that he felt off all day in Chicago for some reason, which is okay, we are all human after all. Jett proved his was human in Charlotte. Now we need to see who is superhuman in the LA Coliseum. Sexton comes in with only a two point gap over Lawrence, with Ken ten points behind Sexton. For the first time in the history of the sport we will have TRIPLE POINTS up for grabs for one race. So, whoever wins the overall in LA between Chase and Jett will win the million dollars and will be the first ever 450SMX champion. Is it Saturday yet? 

Main image: Honda HRC

Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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