10 Reasons to Come to World Mini April 6-9

More than a race, a destination. That’s one of our tag-lines for World Mini, which in case you didn’t know, WE are bringing back next week (April 6-9) at Mesquite MX. Why that tagline? Because, in no offense to ANYONE, Mesquite is not out in the middle of nowhere. No sir. It is surrounded by golf courses, restaurants, and CASINOS! You know Slaw gonna blow a paycheck in there one night.

As if you didn’t need more reasons to come, we are giving you 10 reasons why. Also, if you pre-register BEFORE April 1, we are giving you 30% off shopvurb.com. Yes, we rule that much!

1) MXGP Format

In an effort to be the most unique amateur event in the U S of A, we racked our brains and came up with an idea that is only used EVERYWHERE outside the United States.

Think MXGP, only for amateurs. Will you get practice time? Yes, of course. Will there be Qualifying races? Our magic 8 balls says yes!

Each class with compete in a 5-lap qualifying race. Unless there are so many of you signed up that we have to run divisions! Please sign up!

Then the championship race. A two-moto format where gate picks for Moto 1 & 2 of the Championship race are based on your Qualifying/Division Race position.

Just because the race is called World Mini, don’t think it’s just for mini cycles. No sir. We have A-B-C-D-E-F and G classes. We have Vet classes. Hell, bring your Paw Paw, we probably have a class for him.

Did I just copy and paste our text from our latest banger video? Yes, yes I did.

Go watch it:

2) Ruts on Ruts on Ruts

Mesquite is one of the best tracks on the West Coast. No slap. Or cap. I’m not sure. Grassroots MX runs an AMAZING facility and promote the RMX Series throughout Utah and Idaho, so you know everything will be smooth next week. Also, they have the best ruts this side of Loretta’s, or at least that’s what everyone says.

3) Coverage

As fellow media members, our goal this year is to give the media the VIP treatment. All media is welcome (more details here, scroll to the bottom), and we will be providing a place to work with free Wi-Fi, water and snacks. In addition, we are giving EVERYONE (riders and family included) FREE access to photos and videos after each day for you to post on MySpace.

Also, also, also. We are bringing back Vurb Center where VurbWes, BigMX Radio and the rest of the crew will be bringing coverage and highlights from EVERY day. Stay tuned for more on this.

4) Amped Demos

Have you ever wanted to try the Amped Bikes Sur-Ron Light Bee and Talaria Sting? Well, you’re in luck. We will have demos at every Shred Tour stop in 2023, including at World Mini. I’ve been told we’ll have a boat load to try and yeah, we’re holding races. Want to buy one? We’ll even give you $100 off your next order when entering the code “vurbmoto” upon checkout.

Don’t believe us? Trust this dude.

5) STACYC Races

STACYC races are literally one of the funniest things we do at every Shred Tour stop. And you better believe we will be doing them again next week. Don’t have a STACYC for your little shredder? Worry not, we have demos you can try, and race. How much does it cost to race? NOTHING. Yep, come and race for FREE.

6) Greenger Demos

While Slaw is a little too big to ride these, I have ridden them a few times and OH MY GOD are they fun. Don’t believe Slaw? Come and try one for yourself at World Mini, as we’ll have demos available. They’re essentially an entry-level 50cc electric motorcycle, but dang are they fun.

7) Golf

Want to get away and get some swings in? You’re in luck. There are a TON of beautiful golf courses near the track AND you actually drive THROUGH ONE to get to the track. You could race in the A.M. go get 9 holes in and then come back and race again. We’re just sayin.

8) Casinos

According to our lawyers, we are not allowed to promote gambling. We’re just saying there are casinos around the area. Do with that as you will.

9) Fist Full of Hot Dogs

Name a company that’s cool enough to sponsor our Hot Dog eating contest? I will: Fist Handwear, that’s who. We will be having a hot dog eating contest next week and will probably give away something cool. For adults and kids. Come one, come all.

10) Other Cool Stuff

Will we be holding a track building contest? Maybe. Human Foosball? Probably. Pit bike hill climbs? It’s in the cards. Just know this: Every night will be filled with good times and dirtbikes.

Main image: Andrew Fredrickson


  1. Good Job Guys- hoping the turn out is good and peeps make some forever memories with their families.

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