Steve Matthes Just Dropped Some Huge Silly Season Rumors

Last week, I, a 2023 AMA Media Member of the Year nominee, wrote a fire blog on the upcoming 450 Silly Season, which is going to be insane.

Go read it!

Well, today on Twitter, Steve Matthes, he of PulpMX Hockey Fame, dropped some HUGE rumors regarding the 250 Class.

1) This would be a massive blow to Pro Circuit.

2) I feel Star would be okay, as they still have 100 other riders.

3) Good for Bam.


Please contact Steve, not Slaw, with any complaints.

Main image: Kawasaki

One Comment

  1. Let’s just say, Jo to Honda is about a 69% chance of happening. There’s something only a few know about or are even thinking about that is over there that has help build that kids career. Something more than just familiar, something sentimental….

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