Wow… The Heavy Hitters List at Mini O’s is BIG.

We are back in action folks as practice day has kicked off here at the (pre)historic Gatorback Cycle Park. I am not going to lead you on with a bunch of small talk, here are 6.9 things I thought about trackside today.

Check out Schoolboy 2 Practice Video HERE.

Supermini Is Up For Grabs.

After a few months on the mend, Drew Adams is back!

With Haiden Deegan and Casey Cochran graduating on to big bikes, the Supermini Classes are up for grabs, but that doesn’t mean the talent is any less stacked. Krystian Janik, Drew Adams, Jude Smerlick, Tiger Wood, Nathan Abbott, Tyler Mollet and Carter Malcolm are all looking to claim their piece of the Supermini Pie. It is a pumpkin pie if anyone is wondering. 


Gotta Admit Deegs Looks EPIC on the Star Racing Yamaha

JK, But seriously, once again the B classes are deep and the talent has moved around into new rides, which for most will be the only the second or third time they have raced with their new squad. The “old” guard of Daxton Bennick, Preston Boespflug, Gage Linville, Pat Murphy, and Ben Garib now have to deal with the kids. Not just any kids, Evan Ferry, Mark Fineis, and Haiden Deegan. Per usual, watch the B classes/Schoolboy 2. It will be worth your while

85s Everywhere!

Seth Dennis Looking Feugo

Holy Smokes, 5five different classes across three age groups. The 85cc classes are going to be some of the deepest, not only in talent but also in sheer numbers. I feel like the entire Loretta’s line up is here and then some. We’ve seen some 65cc riders making the full-time jump to the 85cc machine. Deacon Denno, Seth Dennis, Kade Johnson, Carson Wood, Kannon Hargrove, Christopher Harris, Caden Dudney and Gauge Brown are all eyeing up a championship or 2 this week.

Want more Pics from SX Practice? CLICK HERE

Pro Sport. 

The Pro Sport classes are quite intriguing this year. Nick Romano, Gavin Towers, Jayden Clough, Talon Hawkins, Chandler Baker and Caden Braswell have made the jump and some on new rides. The most interesting one to me is Gavin Towers leaving Team Green for the National Sheriff’s Association Yamaha team joining Jayden Clough. That makes 4 top tier Blu Cru riders all fighting for the same titles. They will not come easy as the previously mentioned riders join Chance Hymas, Matt LeBlanc, Luke Kalaitzian, Christopher Blackmer, Ethan Lane and company for some crazy deep fields. Yes I know, deep fields are the running theme here. 

Ps. Ryder D, where are you? 

Blu Cru
We counted 69 bikes under the NSA Yamaha Factory Am Team tent, plus the other 69 riders Star Racing has on roster. Yamaha has officially taken over Moto…and it’s not like any of these kids are undeserving; Kade Nightingale, Wyatt Thurman, Kade Johnson, Crockett Meyers, Jayden Clough, Gavin Towers and Logan Best are considered favorites in their own respective classes. Tack on the Star Racing team then, and then yes there is more! The EBR team has their own cast of heavy hitters and title winners as well. I don’t think we have ever seen anything like this before!\

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