Watch: Red Bull Imagination 3.0 Full Show

Rewatch the best freeriders in the world take on the most INSANE course in Fort Scott, Kansas. [Full show originally aired on September 25, 2022 on ESPN+ in U.S. and Red Bull T.V. outside U.S.]

Red Bull Imagination is the ultimate freeride event and its third year bigger was bigger and badder than ever. #RedBullImagination

For this year’s course, the goal was to create a dirtbike freeride area that mimicked a skatepark. “There’s a ton of inspiration from other action sports,” Bereman said. “My whole goal with this is a dirt bike skatepark with so many jumps you can’t hit them all in a three minute run. I want to set it up like a skate contest where you have to pick your lines through a dirt skatepark,” he added. With inspiration from mountain bike contests like the Red Bull Rampage, and snowboard contests like Red Bull Natural Selection, Bereman hopes to mimic the style of action sports contests that offer riders more options and creative lines to express themselves while still competing.

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