Red Bull Imagination 3.0: Backflips + 180ft Jumps + All-Time Vibe

The practice sessions continue at Red Bull Imagination in Fort Scott, Kansas as the riders get (a bit) more comfortable on the massive freeride motocross course and up the ante on their riding. After taking to the course for the first time on day 1, day 2 and 3 feature riding sessions like no other – bigger jumps, more tricks and a stoke level that’s off the charts. The vibe is at an all-time high as 10 of the top riders in the world, including Tyler Bereman, Axell Hodges, Josh Hill, Tom Parsons, Vicki Golden and more “one up” each other and progress the sports of freeride motocross like never before. All this practice will lead into competition day where the riders will string together all they learned into one epic line.

Written by Slaw Dog

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