Vurbmoto Shred Tour Welcomes Amped Bikes

Love it or hate it, the electric movement is upon us and no number of posts on the Vital message boards are going to stop it. Do we want to see Ken Roczen race an electric bike at Supercross? No, we don’t. Do we want to get in on the endless fun that electric bikes provide? Hell yes we do. Which is why we’re stoked to have Amped Bikes aboard for the Vurbmoto Shred Tour series.

Based in St. George, Utah, Amped has quickly solidified themselves as the lead distributor for electric bikes, including our favorites, the Sur-Ron Light Bee and Talaria Sting, both of which you will now be able to demo at ALL Shred Tour stops. And we’ll even give you $100 off your next order when entering the code “vurbmoto” upon checkout.

Why Amped Bikes? Simple, because the owners Ben and Amy Dalley are core enthusiasts, which are the only type of brands we want to work with. They actually met on the set of Nitro Circus where Ben was a stuntman, and they’ve been operating full send together ever since.

Already own a Sur-Ron or Talaria, cool, you’re ahead of the game. Check out our Shred Tour schedule and bring it out for a rip.

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Written by Bird Dog

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