Vurb Roundup: Who is Darren Pine?

Welcome back to the Vurb Roundup where each week or so I will bring you the latest in Amateur Motocross accompanied with content from social media.

Earlier this week, I caught up with Texas ripper Darren Pine after he took home four championships at the JS7 Spring Championship at Freestone. I will be the first to admit, I did not know a lot about Darren outside his social media. So, like any top tier journalist, I asked him for an interview through Instagram. Like I said, top tier journalism. Darren and I chatted for about 45 minutes or so. I wanted to get a bit of insight into Darren’s world to let everyone know who he is. Judging by Darren’s recent results, I think we are going to hear his name pretty often this season.

Vurbmoto: Darren, thank you for taking a few minutes to sit down with us. Tell us a little bit about yourself and where you are from.

Darren: My name is Darren Pine and I am from Montgomery, Texas. I am currently in the 7th grade at Oak Hills Middle School here in Montgomery and I like to fish and ride my dirtbike.

When did you first start riding? I have looked back at some of your results, and I noticed you have been to Loretta Lynn’s multiple times, including on 50s.

Yeah, I first started riding when I was 5 years old and I have been to Loretta’s every year since I was 6. I won Loretta’s when I was 9 in 2020.

I did see that when I checked your results. Tell me a little bit about your championship at Loretta’s. What class were you in, what bike were you on, and what do you remember about that week?

I was the Factory Cobra Rider in 2020 and I won my championship on a Cobra 65 in the 65 (7-9) Limited Class. I remember passing for the lead on the last lap in the last corner and I ended up going 1, 1, 3 for the championship. I am usually a really good starter, but I did not pull a single holeshot all week, but I was still able to win the championship. I raced the 65 (7-9) Open class as well that week and I ended up third overall.

That is an awesome accomplishment that not many can say they have achieved. So earlier, you mentioned that you attend Middle School currently, I know that a lot of kids your age are home schooled and living at training facilities. Has that ever been an option for you? And since you’re attending school, where and who are you training with now?

I was home schooled for the 4th and 5th grade and I use to train at Quicks here in Texas three to four months a year. Now I am training after school three days a week and then in the summer I train a lot. My trainer is Vann Martin at TTMX and they have helped us so much. Thank you to Collin Edwards for giving us an amazing track and I would like to thank my riding partners Kannon Hargrove, Hayes Edwards, Gavin Player, and all the kids at TTMX.

The training at TTMX is obviously paying off for you. Let’s talk about Freestone a little bit. You ended the week winning four championships in the 85cc 9-12 Limited, 85cc 9-12, 85cc 9-13, and Mini Sr 1 which is incredible. Going into Freestone, what were your expectations for the week?

I actually did not have any expectations going in. I just wanted to win every time I was got on the gate.

That is definitely the right attitude to have. You were up against some pretty fast riders all week, who gave you the most trouble?

Jonathan Getz was always right by me and Carson Wood was hounding me as well. There are so many fast 85 riders right now, but I was able to execute every moto.

You certainly got it done in impressive fashion. I know you went to Spring a Ding after Freestone, how did that go for you?

It went alright. I got third in the 85cc Open class but I fell in the 85cc 9-12 class so I went 5-1 for third overall.

I know you were racing most of the same fast guys from Freestone, so going home with two third place results is nothing to be ashamed of. Looking ahead, what goals have you set for yourself this season?

I want to win every race possible and be the fastest rider I can be. I also plan to be in really good shape this year for Loretta’s.

What classes should we be looking for you to be in this year at Loretta’s?

I will be racing the 85cc 10-12 stock and the 85cc 10-12 mod classes this year at Loretta’s.

We will certainly be keeping an eye on those classes this year at the Ranch. Darren, that is about all the questions I had for you today. I appreciate you taking the time to do this interview with us. We look forward to seeing how you do with the remainder of the year and I wish you the best of luck. Darren, I am going to open it up to you, feel free to thank anyone you would like and give a shout out to whoever you would like! Thanks for your time.

I would like to thank my mom and Dad. TTMX and Vann Martin. Brandon from BS Moto Lab, 100%, Troy Less Designs, HBMX, JM Racing, John from JM Racing, Mika Metals, Blazing Gun Dogs, Advance Plumbing and Mechanical, FMF, Dunlop, Acerbis, and Ethika. Thank you for the interview.

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