Greatest Race Report Ever: 51cc vs Water Truck

Stop what you’re doing right now. 

It actually happened. The moment we’ve all been waiting for has come. 

It goes without saying that we race fans have been obsessed with the whole “Lap Time” deal. Fastest lap this, segmented time that, you get it, right? 

Well I ask you this: when is the last time any of you set a new track record? 

I’ll wait…

This past weekend at Freestone we were treated to not only a new track record, but the overthrowing of an undefeated champion. 

We all know the record for longest lap time at Freestone (or any track) is held by the Water Truck. 

It’s not necessarily that long of a lap, 8ish minutes or so, but it shows up at every race and is somehow always before your moto. Not to mention has zero competition, never paid an entry fee and is downright cocky!

Well friends, that all changed this year at the James Stewart Freestone Spring Championship. 

In the 51 shaft drive PW class, Irie Gaines and the water truck straight threw down!

Just as the front runners were completing their fourth lap and only meters away from the checkered flag, Irie Gaines had just finished her first lap and beginning her second (and final) lap.

Then, it happened. Out of bushes and brush, we see our old friend the Water Truck enter the race. 

Roughly two minutes later they were both slowly approaching turn five, with the water truck coming at full force. 

With all three water spouts spraying however many gallons per second AND having obviously shifted  into bunny rabbit mode, old WT was not going out without a fight. 

As Cooper Webb would say, they were going tick for tack on the track.  

The race went as this. 

Irie pulls a lead!.. WT is there. 

Irie falls over, WT locks them up.

A squeal of the breaks echos through the facility. The crowd is sprayed with light mist. 

Eight exciting minutes later, with two turns to go it was an all out sprint to the finish between Irie and WT! 

As the PW rider made her way though the Texas 12 Pack, it became clear the water truck was running out of steam. (Hot Water joke) 

After falling three times in the final corner (I kid you not), Irie Ganes finally crossed the finish line ahead of the water truck AND set a new lap record of 10 minutes and 14 seconds. 

(When you consider she did two laps at 10+ minutes, she actually raced a longer moto then the B class.)

As the checkered flag waved and the entire crowd cheered (literally) we had all finally witnessed what we’ve been dreaming of…the infamous Water Truck finally be dethroned. 

Here’s to you, Irie Ganes. You’ve done the impossible. You beat the water truck, set a new lap record (for longest lap) and seriously had more spectators cheering for you than the A ProSport class did. You’re the future little lady, congrats on a well deserved win (against the water truck).

In all seriousness,  Irie Ganes is the daughter of Ian Ganes, a pro stunt bike rider / father of the year (Give Ian a follow @iangaines). Ian sprinted around the entire track staying right by her side and showing us the true meaning of how to be a badass dad. 

Ian later told us that this was only the third time ever Irie had ridden on dirt. 

We reminded Ian that this is the FIRST time ever the water truck has been beaten. 

Dirtbikes: 1 – Water Truck: 0

Dirtbikes win. 

Editors Note: Our cameras were unable to catch a photo of the action on the track, nor was the live stream or almost anyone else we contacted, but here are some iPhone shots of Irie and her family.

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