Vurb Roundtable: Finger Gun Salute and Best Things About World Mini

Vurb Roundtable is back! That’s right, this classic Vurbmoto feature has returned with some amazing questions and answers from yours truly, Bird Dog and some crappy answers from Troy Dog.

Is the finger gun salute the best finish line move?

Troy: No, it’s definitely not. I like an old fashioned whippertail myself. I don’t even understand the finger point move honestly. These guys are so focused and driven to win that a finger pointed in their direction isn’t going to throw them off anything. Chase Sexton has bigger issues going on and a finger pointed at him over the finish did not throw off of his game.  

Slaw: Savage move by Webb. As I wrote about earlier this week, I LOVE that Webb plays mind games with his rivals. I want more of it. Look, Supercross is a serious sport, but its also entertainment, and the finger gun salute is entertaining. Bang. Bang. 

Bird Dog: The finger gun salute by Webb was pure, absolute gangster. The question I have is, is there another one? In all honesty, I used to use the finger swag move in MX vs. ATV Unleashed while crushing Slaw every time the gate dropped back in the day. And just like Cooper, my intention was to get in his head. It worked for me, so maybe it will work for him as well?

Best thing about World Mini, Part I

Troy: Let’s be real, this entire event is going to be so much fun and you’re going to need to go. You seriously don’t want to miss out on this. I like the fact that we’re doing a full-on MXGP race format. You can race the event and feel like you’re racing the likes of Jeffrey Herlings because this is the format that he races. How cool is that? I always thought it was awesome when I’d show up to a race and get more than ten laps on the entire day and with our World Mini GP you’re going to get so much track time!

Slaw: I have been told by our “lawyers” that Vurb can’t promote gambling. So I’M IN NO WAY PROMOTING GAMBLING. All I’m saying is that there are casinos near the track and I will probably lose a paycheck or two. Again, NOT promoting gambling. 

Bird Dog: It’s the history! The origins of amateur racing on the West Coast started with World Mini. Every major athlete who has ever worked their way through the ranks has lined up at World Mini. Movie stars have raced World Mini. It was on the cover of Sports Illustrated! Outside of Loretta’s, I think you’d be hard pressed to find a more iconic amateur motocross event in the world.


Best thing about World Mini, Part II

Troy: I’ve let Brent and Slaw take some of my other ideas for this answer, but I believe there is an incredible golf course nearby. So, after a long day of motos you can stroll over to the course and knock out 18 before sunset, or something like that. Golf is the favorite pastime of all motocross racers, so if you’re not a golfer, buy a set of clubs immediately and get with the freaking program. You have to golf if you have any chance of becoming a pro motocrosser. You have no other choice. These were the rules put in place by all of the top riders, not me.

Slaw: Our “lawyers” told me I’m way to big to ride a Greenger. I’ve been told they are for small humans. You can still demo them next week. But SLAW is Dungey pumped to try the Amped Bikes. OMG. I may never come back. 

Bird Dog: The future! We’ve always wanted a marquee event on the West Coast. Being rednecks from the South, California was always a place we dreamed of riding when we were kids. With Mesquite only being an hour north of Las Vegas, and four hours away from So. Cal., what we have planned for this event over the next decade is going to be something that our 10-year-old selves could never have imagined.


  1. I still remember the PlayStation Button Combo for the TAUNT….
    Which by the way is the ULTIMATE finish line move… and has been done by Cooper before when they broke into Indianapolis Motor Speedway…

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