Vintage Vibes: Vurb Platinum ft Durham / Osborne / Mays / Martin

Ahhh yes, it is time for the famous Club MX PLATINUM featuring Darryn Durham, Brandon Mays, Alex Martin, and Zach Osborne. 

This video is still so great more than a decade later and I’m having a hard time trying to figure out how it’s already that old. Aside from Brandon Mays, who never had the chance to show what he could do because of injuries, all of the other riders went on to have great success in their careers. I like to think Chili had A LOT to do with their success because of this video. 

Literally all of these dudes were in the trenches as privateers at the time of this video, which I believe to be in the 2010 offseason or early 2011. 

You know the video is going to be a banger right off of the bat when Durham hits that huge send for the fun of it. Durham was gnarly like that and had the coolest riding style. I would actually try to mimick the way that he would stand up all the time in my own riding.

As I mentioned earlier, I think it’s very cool that all of these guys dug themselves out of the privateer hole and became winners. Mays went on to become B-Mayzee and he’s making a living in the music world. The only reason he really stopped riding is because of his gnarly neck injury he fought through. Mayzee raps about his injuries and is very open on his social media about them. 

Durham went to the famous Eleven10 Mods Honda team with A-Mart the following season and made a HUGE impact on and off of the track with the privateer effort. The bikes were amazingly fast when they weren’t blowing up. Double D earned a ride with Pro Circuit from his rides and won a 250 East Region main event while on the team. 

A-Mart went from Eleven10…to Rock River…to Star…to TLD… to JGR. He would win nationals and be a podium contender on each team. It’s a fans dream to see his success on a privateer effort and a factory level. 

Last year’s 450 Pro Motocross champion, Zach Osborne, has been very busy since the filming of this video. He went from the GP’s, to GEICO Honda, to becoming a multi-time 250 champion with Rockstar Husqvarna. It’ll be interesting to see if Zach chooses to race next year and it’s unfortunate he wasn’t able to run the number one this summer for very long. 

It’s very cool to go back and pull classics from the Vurb vault like this. For one day, four privateers were ripping for Chili Dog and he delivered a Platinum in a very important year in each of their careers.

Written by Troy Dog

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