Vintage Vibes: Pala Practice Day ft Davalos / Searle / Izzi

Welcome to another addition of Vintage Vibes! I wanted to wait on posting this absolute stunner of a masterpiece, but I couldn’t any longer. This is my all-time favorite video that Chili Dog has ever created. 

How? How do you ask? How does one choose a favorite vurbmoto video? For me the vibe is everything for me. It seems like it’s an early morning practice day at Pala in 2010. It’s right before the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship started and the boys are out putting in work! Oh, and the overcast sky, with the greenery makes for some beautiful shots. 

I’m pretty sure this was filmed on the Canon 7D, which was a very sought after camera for this crew 11 years ago. I even bought one and still use it today. The detail this camera would pick up on close up shots and focus pulls were alone worth the investment… at the time.

Now for talent we’ve got Nico Izzi and Martin Davalos on their DNA Shredstix/Star Racing Yamahas. Remember when Nico was on Star and he was able to run Thor gear when the rest of this team ran Fly? Also, we have Marty straight up looking like Ben Savage from Boy Meets World. Tommy Searle is straight up ripping here. He was in his final USA season. KTM was in a rebuild phase at this point and fielding Searle’s final year of his two year contract. That was a weird time. He went back to the GPs after this.

Rider cameo: Johnny Jelderda (remember him?) 

Chili Dog told me he loves this video. I love this video. You love this video. Enjoy Vintage Vibes this week and I’m going to the vault to find more great content!

Written by Troy Dog

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