Justin Barcia Addresses Vince Friese Incident at Indy 3

Oh, what a night it was for Justin Barcia at round six of Monster Energy Supercross on Saturday.

Early in the 450 main event, Barcia was making a charge at leader Ken Roczen and at first glance, it appeared he absolutely sent it into Roczen. Barcia doesn’t have, well, the cleanest history in regard to these types of situations, but upon further review, it appears Barcia did not expect Ken to turn down that quickly.

“Well I have a lot to say but will keep it short… The racing incident with Kenny was just that I misjudged the section slammed my brakes but was to late thankfully nobody went I down talked to Kenny & he agreed.. all good there,” he wrote on Instagram.

Roczen incident starts at 7:40.

Late in the race, Barcia was hanging onto third with a hard charging Eli Tomac in his rear-view when Vince Friese took Barcia out when he drifted to the left off the takeoff of a jump while Barcia was taking an outside line. Tomac got caught up in the incident as well. Barcia was down for some time but did get up and finished 19th. Tomac went on to finish seventh.

In the same social media post, Barcia took the high road in regard to the late incident with Friese.

“The lap rider situation is what it is, I could rant complain and so on but that wouldn’t change a thing. Everyone knows the rider and it was completely out of my hands unfortunately. Looking forward to Orlando back in my home state and ready to battle for those wins!”

The bad news: Barcia’s title hopes took a massive blow on Saturday. The good news: he appears to have escaped any serious injuries and will race next Saturday in Orlando.

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Written by Joe Doe Dog

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