Vince Friese Just Won the Internet

If Weston Peick falls in the forest and no one is around does he make a sound? The answer is no because he is not a little bitch!

Since my Peick article was such a hit back in the “early days” of the Vurb reboot, my elditors (see I combined editors and elders to make a funny joke on how old they are) confided in me to be the Weston Peick Whisperer.

So here I am to cash in on the fame and glory of ol’ Weston again with another banger. This time we are going to discuss his amazing post on social media from earlier this week. In the photo (reference below) Peick is midair on his JGR Yamaha from back in 2016 I believe (I am too lazy to look it up). Anyway, he is giving the old highway salute with the caption “Y’all know who you were.”

This literally could have been quite a few riders throughout his career. We have lost count. However, Vince Friese won the internet for the week (and possibly the month) and put a “hand up emoji guy.”

This is awesome for a couple reasons.

One it shows that he is still not scared despite many a haymaker raining down on his Shoei on an Anaheim night when the world could gather in a stadium, high fiving, sharing beers (this was long before White Claws).

Two, it shows possible pettiness, which I am 100% always in on. Look, we do not know what goes on between these riders. We just have speculation and guesstimates to go off. We do not know if the fight was one big show that both riders were in on…it could have been the biggest practical joke in the sports history. Both Friese and Peick could be hanging out right now as best buddies. Hey, do you want to go do karate in the garage? This was obviously not the case. We know that the two riders had some seriously bad blood between the two of them. Before we go any further, I must say that 2020 just keeps handing out the goodies!

With Friese’ power move on his Instagram comment it shows that time heals all. What was once a hot topic for take outs and heated passing is now ice cold. Weston is retired and Vince is coming off another successful supercross season. We have all matured and grown up in the process. Everybody love everybody.

Errrr….wait a minute. Why don’t we just go straight to the source? We need to know if this feud is over. So, I did a thing and texted Friese to see how he really felt about it….

VF has spoken! In three words our question has been answered! To keep this topic open I will not in fact be asking Weston how he feels about the situation, because to be honest he terrifies me. If I were to ask him now, I fear that my Weston blogs would be ending abruptly, and we do not want that just yet. Just know that one day I will get my answer and it will provide us with more clickbait (hey, I am a company man first…I must milk the drama for all its worth!).

Until next time.

Main image: Supercross Live

Written by Troy Dog

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