Power Rankings: Ultimate BIG Fro400 Teams

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When Jeff Emig wants to be a big part of the Vurb Shred Tour you pretty much hand him the keys to everything and step out of the way. I mean, it’s Jeff Freaking Emig after all, right? So, we partnered with Mr. Fro to bring you the Fro400 at Washougal MX Park on June 14-16 as part of our Vurbapalooza Moto Festival. Click the banner above or that link for more information and pre-register for the event today. It’s going to be amazing.

Today, for our Power Rankings, Slaw and I were given the task to come up with our best Fro400 teams. This is for all-time as well, so we could have picked anyone, but we had to include ourself as well. Let’s get to it.

Slaw Dog

-The coolest dude ever to ride a dirtbike. No, not me. Rick “Too Hip” Johnson. This dude was the 1980s. Sick mullet. Sick shades. Sick style. He was and still is, the man.

-How could I not have AC on MY team? Great dude that would bring epic vibes to OUR team.

-The second coolest dude to ride a dirtbike. MC brought an entire generation of new fans to SX. He was on Jay Leno for goodness sake.

FYI: My team is sooooo cool. Too Hip Kings is our name, write it down. See you at Washougal, boys!

Troy Dog

– I’m not the captain, Fro Daddy is, but with him and I WE will be unstoppable.

– HOW CAN FRO NOT BE ON YOUR TEAM AT HIS OWN EVENT?!?!? I’m looking at you Slaw. We’d be teaming up for the first time since Kenworthy’s 1997 when my dad threw me over the fence to give him a high five during his TV interview after the moto.

– STEW! One of my all-time favorite riders has to be on the team. This team is star power all the way around baby! You have to have Stew on your team.

– How could I have a dream team without bringing on my best friend Chiz? We’d win for sure with this line up. Chiz will Chiz. Then we can bro down with Fro and Stew and talk about David Banner, Budds Creek 2003, and Bubba’s World.

This is an upper echelon team, good luck beating us!

Main Image: Octopi Media

Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

Vurbadilla is THIS Weekend!

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