Troy Dog’s Shack: Justin Starling Sent Someone to Supercross and They Tell Us About the Experience

Remember when you doggies saved Justin Starling when his suspension went missing via UPS? Well, Star Dog gave away two Supercross tickets to the winner of a random drawing to those who gave $100 or more to his program. That winner just so happened to be Brian Sees!

Brian chose his home race at Daytona and he took his wife for an epic night of racing. As you’ll see, good guy Starling hooked them up for a night they will never forget and made a new forever fan. Here is what Brian wrote me in an email recently recapping his day at Daytona:

“Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Weekends ran away from me with A Day in the Dirt (Down South) and stuff. Thanks to you and Justin for getting us to Daytona. I took my wife with me for her first Daytona Supercross and we had a blast. We got to go down on the front straight of the speedway for practice and get an up close view of just how big and technical the track really is. It’s amazing how these guys time the jumps lap after lap with no mistakes. We got to walk around the pits and meet Justin in between practices and see how his season has been going so far. He was very grateful for everyone’s help towards getting his replacement suspension. After practice we caught up with him again and he gave me his practice jersey which was awesome. 

“This will get hung up in the garage to be shown off. We had great seats near the triple and whoops where all of the passing action seemed to happen. I am just thankful that I was able to help keep someone’s season dreams alive even if it wasn’t huge. This has also given us someone to cheer on from the privateer ranks and we get excited every weekend when he makes the main. Good luck Justin and thank you again for the experience.”

Stories like these are why I’m doing what I’m doing with my T-Dog brand and with my work here on We all love this sport for some reason or another, so why don’t we all enjoy it together and bro down? Starling needed help last minute before the season began, you awesome people out there donated to his program, and we put up some prizes…and boom. Brian and Mrs. Brian Sees here had the best night of their lives. This night probably ranks higher than their wedding day. It has to! I mean, they got to meet Star Dog AND got a sweaty jersey to take home. vurbmoto X Star Dog makes dreams come true!

I want Brian to keep in touch with me and maybe one day we can meet up at a race and watch one together. This goes for all of you out there that read my columns or enjoy my incredible work on Twitter and Instagram (@troydogvurb). We need to hang out more. We love dirtbikes. Dirtbikes are life. So, let’s talk about dirtbikes and have a great time. Slaw Dog would NEVER write anything like this because he doesn’t like people. So, just remember who has always been there for you guys, ME. 

This is a short column this week, I know. However, I wanted you to read about Brian’s experience and maybe one day that could be you in his spot. I think this was a cool deal and as a person who has never been to Daytona, I’m a bit jealous. 

Thanks Brian!

Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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