Slawdictions for Unadilla: Jeremy Martin Continues to Roll

Two weeks is a long time for no Slaw! But we’re back baby and we got some fire bold predictions for Unadilla.

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I thought Kenny’s season was over after that first moto crash. I really did. He was on the ground for way longer than I thought he would be. If his season wasn’t over, surly he was out for the second moto, right? Hell no! Roczen came back, put on the pass of the year to take the lead, and won the damn moto. He’s riding a wave, folks, and he goes 1-1 this weekend.

I’ve literally already forgotten who won Washougal, so this doesn’t really count.

Note: Turns out it was Chase Sexton, Roczen’s teammate, so this counts for something.

Slawdiction: 2 out of 10.


WE FINALLY FOUND THE REAL AUSTIN FORKNER. The kid finally got a good start, ran up front and scored a fourth place finish in the second moto. We’ve been waiting all year for this and I think he rides this confidence boast into another top five moto finish this weekend.

Again, don’t really remember what happened to Forkner in this one. Did he crash off the start in the first moto? I think so?! Either way, not a top five in either moto.

Slawdiction: 0 out of 10.


One rider who has gone completely under the radar this year is Joey Savatgy. He’s been pretty damn good. He found the top 10 overall last week, and I like for him to do it again at Washougal. You heard it here first.


Slawdiction: 10 out of 10.


I have no fact based evidence to support this. This is honestly a stretch, considering Jett’s starts recently. I’m just trusting my Slaw here.

Who won the 250 Class? I don’t recall….

Slawdiction: 0 out of 10.


Carson Mumford scores another top 10, which leads to a four hour debate between Steve Matthes and JT.

Mummfy sure did look good leading that first moto! Too bad he went 11-11 and we only got three hours of debate between Steve and JT.

Slawdiction: 11 out of 10.

On to SlawDilla….

The Kitchen Cooks a Top 5 Moto Finish

Put RedBud in the rearview. (Remember he raced there before Loretta’s.) Levi Kitchen, fresh off his Horizon Award, gets to work this weekend! Calling a top five moto finish! Stamp it! Yes, that’s a lot of exclamation points! I’m pumped to watch him!

Another Top 5 Overall for Marv

Marv Musquin has been, well…. not the Marv we’re used to this year. That changed at Washougal, where he landed his first moto podium and finished fourth overall. With two weeks off, I think Marv is gonna come out firing this weekend. Further, he’s always pretty good at Unadilla, which will only help matters.

Tomac Gets Another Moto Win

How weird is it that we’re seven rounds in and Eli Tomac doesn’t have an overall and only two moto wins? Strange, right! Well, why I don’t think Eli captures the overall at Dilla, I do like him for a moto win.

Martin Stays Hot

Jeremy Martin is dealing with a ton of injuries, yet has still won 3 of the last 4 250 motos. Giving him two weeks off to let his injuries heal spells trouble for the field. 1-1 for J-Mart-Dog this weekend.

Killroy Top 15

Yeah, Kitchen is stealing the headlines, but don’t forget, Preston Killroy is also racing this weekend. He raced two rounds last year, finishing 17th at Thunder Valley and 34th at Fox Raceway. BUT THAT WAS LAST YEAR! He was super impressive at the Ranch and I like him for a top 15 this weekend. LEAD SLAW LOCK OF THE WEEK.

Written by Slaw Dog

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