Troy Dog’s Shack: Hunter Yoder and Blippi Teach Kids How to Shred

In case you fans of Troy Dog did not know, I am a cool dad of two. That makes me better than Eli Tomac and Ken Roczen combined because I have the same number of kids they do put together. They are dads now too in case they have not let you know that yet.

Look, I get it, becoming a father changes you and it is the greatest feeling in the world, but it is also the hardest thing in the world. I am not sure how many diapers these riders are changing, but Troy Dog is in the trenches every day. It sucks right now… but that is an entirely different cry for help. Look, my point here is to not rag on Kenny and Eli, although they do push the ‘cool dad thing’ a bit too far on social media and the telecast. /Rant.

I present to you today a special treat that I found a few months ago. With my two-year-old son’s love for everything ‘Choo-Choo-Cars’, Bub Dog and I watch some YouTube videos of literally trains just ripping. Through the choo-choos we came across a dude named Blippi.

Oh man, where do I start with Blip Dog? Blippi is a 32-year-old man who goes to fun places and plays like a toddler in all his videos. Now you shut up and quit making fun of me for having this dude on my TV because Stevin John AKA Blippi is worth 16 million right now. He has got deals with Amazon, Hulu, and YouTube—with over 11.3 million subscribers, and 8 billion plus views in 7 years. I’m not sure about you, but I would go play with kids toys on YouTube for $500… let alone 16 million.

You are probably wondering why I am talking about a child YouTube entertainer on vurbmoto. Well, we had a Blippi marathon one day and I start hearing a pinned dirt bike from the other room. Bub Dog and I came into see what was going on and bam it hit me like Peick on Friese. Not only was Blip Dog shredding, but he was shredding with Hunter Yoder out at State Fair MX. How does this dude get involved in all these scenarios? Well, lucky enough for you, I tried to reach out to Yoder to find out, but I got nothing, and Blippi is worth 16 million, so he does not care what Troy Dog wants to know. So, like Alex Ray, I am bumfuzzled with this entire video.

Regardless, our boy Blippi here is teaching kids about motocross and I totally vibe with that. Props to you sir. Check out the entire video below. I want to get to the bottom of this, so if you have any knowledge on how this video came together email me at Whether or not you have kids, are a kid, or just like watching grown men immerse themselves in child-like activity, watch this video. Also, welcome this video because it is content that can help reach a new audience of children who may now want to ride because Blippi introduced it to them. Who knows, maybe in two more years we will have an entire generation of 50 4-6-year-old kids at Loretta’s who started riding because of Blip Dog.

Alright, I got to go play choo-choo cars with Bub Dog now.


  1. Kyle, I didn’t know who Blippie is and I didn’t even plan on finding out until I read your comment. I, too, am shaken… but likely for another reason. As I just also became a dad, I now realize my future is going to be filled with this. At least my little man will know how to inspect his motorcycle correctly.

  2. I saw a Honda with fox gear and thought it was ken Roczen. I was mistaken……it is a much faster rider. My man blippi


Written by Troy Dog

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