Troy Dog’s Shack: Har Dog And Troy Dog Set to Unite at Ironman

We’re all in this week on our elite athlete Grant “Har Dog” Harlan. I’ve pretty much taken over as his agent/sponsor/good vibes coach. This weekend you can even probably catch me with a Ti Lube Honda headset on as I will just take one and not tell them I’m wearing it. 

Slaw Dog hit me up the other morning and told me I needed to write about Har Dog and his awesome Twitter content from Tuesday. Slaw then threw me under the bus with my weekly Vintage Vibes column when I told him I don’t have time to write everything this week. He wrote a total of seven words in 20 minutes and called it a masterpiece. That’s the difference between snow bunnies and slaw bunnies though. Hey, Troy Dog, what are slaw bunnies? Slaw bunnies balls.

Check out Red Bull Imagination though. This stuff is amazing and cool and I can’t wait to watch it this year. Red Bull always makes their events five star and one day I will be invited to participate in the shenanigans. 

Anyway, back to Harlan. If you don’t follow @HarlanGrant on Twitter you need to get your head checked. My guy tweeted out the following tweet about Dylan Ferrandis and I’m here for it. 

Not only did he stick to his opinion when he was called out by everyone including Steve Matthes and Jason Thomas, but he backed it up with more of his correct way of thinking. His Twitter thread became a who’s who of motocross and I’m pretty sure everyone and your mom knows about it. I know that because she told me about it. 

My rider Grant did a great job with this tweet thread. If you didn’t know, Har Dog is racing his Ti Lube Honda Troy Dog Vurb backed CRF450 this weekend at Ironman! He made a ton of noise on Tuesday and we are racing on Saturday, so in my opinion he did an amazing job of making people talk about him. It’s all a part of our long term plan. 

Slaw Dog wants me to talk about the crazy takes that Har Dog laid down. As to be expected, I’m on board with all of them because he is my athlete and the squad sticks together. Sorry Slaw, I can’t give you the drama you want. Har Dog is making noise off the track and this weekend he is going to make noise on it. 

Also, if you haven’t yet, I was on Darkside’s MotoXpod show the other night with Chiz Dog and Har Dog. We made a fantastic show and you should listen to it now. I call Darkside old and Har Dog tells the story about the gentleman who rolled over him on the hill at RedBud. It’s a great listen so scoop that up where you get your podcasts. 

Other than that this is the last you will see of Har Doggie on the tour until Supercross starts up this Winter. If you’re at the race come by and say hello. We need you fans to be amazing. We need you to chant his name. Harlan recently purchased two new Sharpies for the race and WE’RE NOT LEAVING UNTIL BOTH MARKERS ARE DRY! 

Ironman, Har Dog is coming to you for two reasons. One, to kick some ass, and two to steal your girl. We’ll see you this weekend. 

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Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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