Cooper Webb: “I Just Was On The Edge of Being Completely Burned Out”

It’s been public knowledge for a few weeks, but Cooper Webb had yet to address his decision to leave Aldon Baker and the Baker’s Factory. Webb is now riding and training at the 83 Compound alongside the Lawrence brothers and others.

Following the Ironman National, where Webb captured his first podium of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross season, he was asked about the switch. 

Question: You mentioned making your changes to your program. You’re riding at the 83 Compound, Chad Reed’s old place. What do you like about it? What has been the refreshing change for you? What have you been enjoying being over there with the Lawrence brothers, Savatgy, Bogle, all those guys?
Cooper Webb: I made that change after RedBud national. I think for me, I just was on the edge of being completely burned out and not sure how much longer I really wanted to race, to be honest. So, it’s just been a good change for me, being able to ride with Jett and Hunter. They’re super fast and talented. Just kind of brings some new life, guys that are excited to ride. I feel like we push each other and I can learn from them. Joey is really great during the week and Justin is fun to be around. I think it was mainly just a change of pace. I felt like I had done the same thing for three and a half years and I needed something else. Not sure where it’s all going to lead from here, but so far since I’ve been there I’ve been super happy with things. Slowly improving and getting better with my riding and technique. Still working hard and getting the quality riding and training in. It’s been good. It’s nice when you have results like this to have it pay off a little bit.

Going back to what you said then, getting burnt out – is that something of getting burnt out with Aldon’s program? We’ve seen so many things with Dungey, Villopoto… That’s pretty much the exact words they used. Was it just you needed a change, or was it the program was starting to tire you? What really were the fatiguing issues behind it?
Obviously, I’ve had great success [riding there]. I don’t have any issues or regrets or anything. It was a great program. I just think for me, like I said, doing the same thing year after year, and it’s obviously rewarding and supercross and stuff I’ve always done really well. It was great while I was there. I just think for me I was at that point in my career where I just needed a change. Like those alluded to, I’m only 25 years old and to be having thoughts of retirement is crazy. Just felt like I needed a change. I’m super competitive and have a great team behind me that are super hard workers and want to win, just like I do. We’re going to get a super good program headed forward. Looking forward to the new challenges ahead.

Webb has worked alongside Baker, the most successful trainer in the sport, since joining KTM. He’s captured two Monster Energy Supercross titles under his guidance but will now go under his own program moving forward. 

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