Vintage Vibes: Renzland Rocks Troy Dog Vurb Brand While Ripping at Ironman

Luke Renzland aka “Dozer Dog” needs more press, cheers, and attention from all of us. This man spent his summer doing a program similar to what Ryan Sipes does. Dozer did some J-Day Off-Road races, some Lucas Oil Pro Motocross rounds, and he’s racing some GNCC rounds. He’s racing whatever he wants, when he wants. He’s encompassing everything that the Troy Dog Squad stands for, and that is having fun racing dirtbikes.

The week leading up to Ironman I planned on texting Dozer about running my pineapple shirt dog sticker for the race. The only problem was that I was super busy and just never found the time to do it. I knew in order to make this sticker deal happen that I had to ambush him at the track. 

With COVID rules now very enforced in the pits I had to be strategic. I texted Luke my idea and he told me he was parked behind the SGB Kawasaki team. I finished watching the 450 group A practice and headed over. Dozer was ready to negotiate and things got heated very fast. I didn’t have a contract, and when he asked what the pay was I panicked and looked around. I saw my HEP team truck and shouted out,”TWISTED TEA, I’ll get you a case of Twisted Tea.” It was a done deal. We knuckle bumped, because shaking hands is frowned upon. We got the deal done and for Chili Dog because Chili loves two-strokes more than Slaw loves messing up people’s days, and more than Bird Dog loves sitting down to pee. 

I came by later to get a photo with Dozer Dog but he wasn’t at his pit. I looked during the motos to see if I could see my sticker but I could not get a good visual. Troy Dog is older than SOME of Jason Weigandt’s under britches and my eye sight is trash. It wasn’t until Monday after the race that I was looking through the gallery by DNC Photo’s that I noticed he actually put my face on his helmet. Shout out to the Dozer Dog. You rule. The crowd went nuts for us all day because I was riding with you. I raced a 125 in a 250 Moto and I’m going to mark that off of the bucket list. 

Enjoy this week’s Vintage Vibes as we celebrate the greatness of Luke Renzland back in the end of 2011 or early 2012 when he was trying to break into the A classes as a household name. This video was shot by Chili and Boogie Dog at Zach and Chase Bell’s old track. 

Please enjoy and remember if you see Dozer Dog at the track make sure you cheer in his direction.

Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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