Too Long; Didn’t Read: Recaps and Results from Friday at Loretta Lynn’s

We know no one likes to read long race reports or sit around and watch live timing and scoring. So we are here to help with some quick recaps and results from Friday, the fourth day of racing in the 2022 Monster Energy AMA Amatuer National Championship at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch.

Wood Holds Strong in Supermini 2 (13-16)
Tiger Wood used his driver to blast off the tee box and took the early lead with Leum Oehlhof in his rearview mirror. Landen Gordon, Gavin Betts, and Jeremy Fappani, who have been factors all week, were up front as well. Fappani would get around Oehlhof and set his sights on Wood, who was starting to distance himself. Late in the race Gordon would put the hammer down and move from fourth to second, passing Fappani. Gordon was a man on a mission and clearly the fastest rider on the track. On the last lap Gordon was on the back wheel of Wood and with two turns to go on Polisport Beach he looked to have the pass made! Wood held the inside line going into the Bermuda Triangle and just edged out Gordon for the victory.

Supermini 2 (13-16) Top 5 – Moto
1. Tiger Wood
2. Landen Gordon
3. Jeremy Fappani
4. Leum Oehlhof
5. Gavin Betts

Dudney Wins 85cc (10-12) Championship
Time to crown some championships! Vincent Wey and Carson Wood would battle for the lead in the opening laps, with Wey keeping the advantage. Caden Dudney would be a distant third for the duration of the race, with 3-1 scores heading into this clinching moto. Dudney would pass Brennon Harrison for second. Wood would keep Wey honest throughout the moto, but was never able to get close enough to make another run at the win. Wey took home the victory, but Dudney took home the championship.

85cc (10-12) Top 5 – Moto 3
1. Vincent Wey
2. Caden Dudney
3. Brennon Harrison
4. Grayson Townsend
5. Carson Wood

85cc (10-12) Top 3 Overall
1. Caden Dudney 3-1-2
2. Brennon Harrison 6-5-3
3. Seth Dennis 2-4-10

Title Goes Down to Final Lap in 65cc (7-9) Limited
Coming into moto three Alex Campigli (2-1), Sawyer Gieck (1-3), and Eidan Steinbrecher (3-2) all had a shot at this title. When the gate dropped Gieck and Campigli would start 1-2 with Jaydin Smart in third. Steinbrecher had to charge from outside of the top ten and on lap 5 he was sitting in ninth with nothing to lose. Meanwhile, Gieck would motor away from Campigli, as Steinbrecher made his way into fifth! Then disaster struck for Gieck! He crashed down the billboard straightaway on the final lap, which left Campigli to win the moto and the championship.

65cc (7-9) Limited Top 5 – Moto 3
1. Alex Campigli
2. Sawyer Gieck
3. Jaydin Smart
4. Chase Brennan
5. Eidan Steinbrecher

65cc (7-9) Top 3 – Overall
1. Alex Campigli 2-1-1
2. Sawyer Gieck 1-3-3
3. Eidan Steinbrecher 3-2-5

Mike Brown Slays
This is Mike Brown’s world and we’re all just living in it. The guy hasn’t even ridden a dirt bike this year and still put on a clinic.

Senior 40 + Top 5  – Moto 3
1. Mike Brown
2. Shane Kelleher
3. Kris Keefer
4. Robby McQuary
5. Hans Neel

Senior 40+ Top 3 Overall
1. Mike Brown 1-1-1
2. Kris Keefer 2-2-3
3. Shane Kelleher 6-3-2

Braswell Breaks out in 250 Pro Sport
Tallon Hawkins took the early lead and then Caden Braswell took over. Another great showing by Braswell here. He’s the surprise of the Pro Sport classes for sure. Ryder Difrancesco was third with Jayden Clough and Gage Linville rounding out the top five. Ryder D is looking to clinch this title with 2-1 scores heading into the final moto. Chance Hymas was buried in the back and surfaced around tenth with five laps into the moto. Ryder D started to push towards Hawkins, but out of nowhere he pulled off of the track and out of the race! The moto win would go to Braswell as well as the championship! Who had that on the scorecard for the week? Braswell opened a lot of eyes this week at the Ranch. This class was full of a lot of inconsistency, which was the full story on the overall finishes.

250 Pro Sport Top 5 – Moto 3
1. Caden Braswell
2. Jayden Clough
3. Talon Hawkins
4. Gage Linville
5. Benjamin Garib

250 Pro Sport Top 3 – Overall
1. Caden Braswell 3-2-1
2. Gavin Towers 1-4-7
3. Chance Hymas 4-6-6

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Written by Troy Dog

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