Morning Espresso: Kitchen Ends SX on High Note, Linville Shines and More From the Mini Os

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FYI, you can watch today’s livestream right here on vurbmoto. And here’s live timing and results.

Supercross racing here at the 49th Annual Thor Mini Olympics cracked into its second day and featured racing as good as the mini doughnut stand next to our booth (wink, wink) as well as a bit of carnage on the track. The thing about the SX portion of the week is that the track doesn’t have anything to separate the riders. For the most part everyone is doing the same thing. It’s a matter of twisting that throttle as hard as you can and twist it, they did.

Tuesday was truly a day of putting people on notice for what is to come in several classes. Levi Kitchen threw the hammer down in 250 Pro Sport taking the main event win ahead of Cullin Park and Matt LeBlanc. Getting a start and putting yourself up front early is the name of the game in the supercross portion. The 250 and 450 A classes would also go to Kitchen. We will see how MX goes, but he is on track to sweep all off the A and Pro Sport classes this week.

Levi Kitchen has been on fire all week at Mini O’s.

Welcome to the good ol’ U S of A Ryder McNabb. Somewhere in the metropolis that is Vegas, Steve Matthes is psyched to see the teenage Canadian sensation out here at Mini O’s. His results for SX aren’t really anything to speak of but I would be keeping an eye on him going into motocross.

Oh yes, the B Classes did not disappoint once again. It was the Gavin Towers, Gage Linville and Jayden Clough show all day. In 250 B Towers took off early but was getting reeled in by Linville. It was a last lap bobble by Towers that would pave the way for Linville to grab his third title of the week which included 250 B, 450 B Limited and Schoolboy 2. Shout out to Clough for grabbing his first big bike title as well! I would look for Towers to get some redemption in 450 B early Wednesday morning.

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Mini cycles also had a bit of action as the 85 9-13 class was an absolute barn burner of a race with the top three to four spots all within the same corner at times. Drew Adams got a lack luster start and was playing catch up the entire time while Agustin Barrenche, Landin Pepperd, Seth Dennis and Thomas Wood all sat at the front and were hauling some serious ass. It would be Barrenche who would take the win in the end. He would also grab titles in 85 12-13 Stock and Mod classes as well.

Hate to say I told you so, but I did. Supermini 1 featured a hell of a battle at the front with Casey Cochran, Krystian Janik and Haiden Deegan. Casey “Got My Swagger Back” Cochran is making his GasGas debut a very successful one grabbing all of the titles he could thus far in the Supermini and Mini Sr. classes. Cochran seems to be gelling with the new bike as he looks as confident as I’ve seen someone ride, which wasn’t always the case when he was on Suzuki’s. Janik is no slouch either making his Superemini debut as well. Deegan got a bad start and had to work his way up to third where the pace of the top two was just a touch too high and he wasn’t able reel them in, but he was damn close! These three could be the next Izzi, Stroupe, Canard trio and man does that raise the stoke meter.

Casey Cochran is flying on the GasGas this week.

There are a couple races to keep an eye on Wednesday as we wrap up SX racing. The morning starts off with 450 Pro Sport (yay more moody fog races!!!) where Levi Kitchen is looking to sweep all four Pro Sport/A classes. That rolls right into the Mini-E class which is one of my personal favorites to watch. Seeing the groms shredding bikes that sound like a treadmill is so rad and they SEND IT! Look for Kade Nightingale to continue his reign over the class. After that we have 125 B/C featuring Evan Ferry, Haiden Deegan, Brock Walker, Myles Gilmore Noah Smerdon and more. Nothing like some pissed off teenagers on 125’s to bring the intensity. 450B will be a good one with another potential Nicholas Romano/Gavin Towers battle. Wednesday morning racing will be insane!

Races to watch on Wednesday.

  • 450 Pro Sport
  • Mini-E
  • 125 B/C
  • 450B
  • Supermini 2

Written by Jeff Simpson

We met Jeff sleeping in a tent down the street from Loretta Lynn's... with his computer. At that point, we knew he would fit in with us. Then, he then drank all the white claw flavors none of us liked, and that's when we knew it was meant to be. Jeff officially became part of the crew.
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