Slawservations From Minneapolis: Anderson Does Magic Not to Hit Sexton, Phil Being Phil and Clason Almost Gets Hit by a Train

We all watched the race from Minneapolis, or maybe you forgot because it was early? That’s here nor there, as this is not a race recap but three things that caught my eye from Minneapolis that you didn’t notice. Enjoy!

This Move By Jason Anderson Is Amazing

Watching Chase Sexton crash with two laps to go after riding such a flawless race was terrible. But after seeing this video, if could have BEEN a lot worse for Sexton and eventual race-winner Jason Anderson. Talk about skill.

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Never Change Phil

Six laps in his return to supercross and Phil is ready to commit murder! It’s great having Phil back.

This Could Have Been Bad

Sometimes the Troll Train goes off the rails….

Main image: Kawasaki

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