The vurbmoto Flash Jam is Coming to Mad Skills Motocross 2

If you’ve ever thrown a leg over a dirtbike or spent any time in the pits of pretty much any track in the world, then you’ve probably played Mad Skills Motocross 2. Every rider knows the game because it’s been a part of the culture of the sport for years. Many a phone has been smashed from motocrossers — a notoriously competitive bunch — launching their devices across the room after looping out just before setting that elusive killer time on their 1000th attempt. It’s infuriating and impossibly fun.

Well, we’re here to break some more phones, or at least increase your toilet time. We’re very stoked to say that we’ve teamed up with the crew at Turborilla to create a new kind of online event in Mad Skills Motocross 2 (for iOS and Android). 

Enter the vurbmoto Flash Jam, coming to Mad Skills Motocross 2 on September 21. It’s a seven day event, open to anybody to play for free. Each day is a separate round with its own track, designed by the top track builders in the game. You get 24 hours to set the best time you can. At the end of each round, times will be uploaded to, converted into points, and we’ll run a fun little points-paying series. We’ll post more details about how this is going to work in the coming days.

There will also be cool in-game prizes every day. All you have to do is log 100 attempts on each track to unlock the day’s prize. And we’ve invited Thor Racing’s Hallman brand to the party to make things extra legit and add a bit of retro flavor. Here are the in-game items that can be unlocked:

Day 1: vurbmoto Reboot Gear

Day 2: Hallman Tapd Gear 

Day 3: vurbmoto Viva Helmet

Day 4: Hallman McCoy Helmet

Day 5: Hallman Ringer Gear

Day 6: vurbmoto Platinum Helmet

Day 7: vurbmoto Galaxy Gear

Another thing of note is that, in conjunction with the vurbmoto Flash Jam, Mad Skills Motocross 2 is releasing the first new bike in the game in more than a year. Bike 13 is a modern 500cc two-stroke monster that produces as much power as even the best player can handle. It still won’t sound right, the guys at Mad Skills say, but they promise to get that magical two-stroke braap kicking when they finally release Mad Skills Motocross 3. It’s still going to be a while until the new game is released.

We have a lot of fun stuff planned for this event. At some point we’ll do a guest appearance on the live Turborilla Show, we and @madskillsmx will be doing lots of giveaways on our social platforms, and of course we’re going to be talking some serious smack even though we suck at the game and our times will be terrible. If you’ve uninstalled Mad Skills Motocross 2 at some point in the last six years, now is the time to download it again and sharpen your chops.

See you on the starting line.


Written by Joe Doe Dog

Joe Doe Dog has been a staff writer at VMZ for more than three months, but no one really knows who he is.

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