Points from Day 1 will be updated on Tuesday, September 22. Points will always be updated the day after a round is completed. Full explanation of the rules below.

Welcome to point standings for the vurbmoto Flash Jam in Mad Skills Motocross 2. If you’re not already playing this unique event, download the best mobile motocross game of all-time now and play for free! Note that you should be on the most recent update before playing.

This is the first event ever in Mad Skills that features a new round and track every day for a week. To make things even more fun, we’ve decided to host a points-paying series here on vurbmoto.com. Play every day to set your best times and collect points to see where you stack up either overall or on your specific bike.

It’s not easy to assign points when there are tens of thousands of people playing an event, with different numbers of people participating in each round, but for those of you who are math-oriented, let us explain how it works.

Each day we export the results from the game and import them here at vurbmoto.com. We then run them through a magical, mystical transmorgifier that does this calculation for each player:

(total number of players – your leaderboard position) / total number of players

So, if there are 80,000 players in a round and you finish in 7,251st place, the calculation is:

(80,000 – 7,251) / 80,000


72,749 / 80,000 = .9094

You’ve earned 9094 points. 

It’s that simple. Is it the best way to do this? Maybe, maybe not, but it’s how it works and we’re sticking to it!

Come back each day to see how many points you’ve earned in the previous round and where you stand in the updated point standings. Simply plug in your username and search. If you’re not on Bike 13, you can filter to your bike level so you see where you stand on an even playing field. 

Have fun and we’ll see you on the starting line!