The Truth is…Coty Schock IS Iron Man

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The Muc-Off/FXR/ClubMX team had put out their press release for the week leading up to the Indy SX and it stated that Coty Schock had surgery on his collarbone on Monday, March 11th. The PR also said that he would be back racing in Foxborough, which is on April 13th.

Yet, as I walked into the pits of Indy on Saturday morning and saw Coty Schock’s bike sitting under the tent, I didn’t think anything of it. It’s not uncommon for an injured riders bike to be posted up. Then I got up to the press box and started writing for a deadline and that’s when Ginger Dog looked at me and said, “Coty is racing tonight.”

At first I couldn’t believe it. I mean it’s not unbelievable that he could ride after putting a plate in, but racing at a top level has to be a different story. Right? Well, it turns out that the news was in fact true. I mean the series reported it, so I didn’t doubt it. But, here he was lined up for first practice. I was Schocked.

Can we just start calling this guy Iron Man?

Not only did he race, but he was in the mix, just like he has been all season. He went 5-8-8 in the Triple Crown for 5th place on the night. Instead of being out of the points, he now sits strongly in fifth with a serious potential for more in the remaining rounds.

What a crazy story this has become this season! Coty and Phoenix Honda parted ways late in the offseason, Coty makes the move to ClubMX, makes a deal to ride for them, and has been on an incredible run ever since.

It’s the summer of Schock all over again! Don’t look now, but he’s only eight points away from third in the 250SX championship. This is the best season of his career by far.

Now that he’s through Indy, he’s got a few weeks to heal for the next round to finish the season off strong. He’s already turned some heads. You can tell that he’s got some big goals that he wants to accomplish this season and he’s clearly not going to let a broken collarbone ruin that for him.

Coty Schock is Iron Man.

Main Image: Octopi Media

Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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