Slawdictions for Anaheim 2: Enzo Lopes Snags First Career Podium

Following a 93 percent accuracy rate in 2022, the most-read, most popular blog in Supercross is back for another season of flaming hot predictions. We are off to round 4 (really round 3) and back to Anaheim for the first Triple Crown of the series. It’s also the first Supercross Futures round.

As the greatest wrastler alive, Ric Flair, once said: “I’m the stylin’, profilin’, limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin’ and dealin’ son of a gun.”

As always, we will first review my amazing picks from San Diego before we get into Anaheim 2.

Prediction | Jett Wins Again

Bold. I know. (Ed. Note: We are sticking with the Jett.)

This might be my only win from last week.

Slawdiction: 100 out of 10.

Prediction | Webb is Back! Wins in Oakland San Diego!

Webb got that dang dawg in him! He was on a damn charge at A1. It reminded me of his two title winning seasons: Just wearing dudes down to the dang bone late in the race. Oakland San Diego track conditions could be insane, so I think he just keeps it on two, grinds dudes down and wins… after going winless in 2022. (Ed. Note: San Diego track conditions could be crazy too. We are staying with this pick.)

WEBB IS BACK! I don’t care if it has only been two rounds. He’s back. That dawg in him is back! He’s back! Second is basically a win.

Slawdiction: 6 out of 10.

Prediction | AP Podiums

Oh, buddy, AP is licking his dang chops if the track is going to be what I think it will be. Rain, mud and AP go together like a good ole Oscar and Slaw. Podium for A Dog. (Ed. Note: This was obviously for Oakland… But I say we keep it!)

Yeah, not a great start to the season for AP. IN MY DEFENSE: I did write this for Oakland and just keep with it.

Slawdiction: 0 out of 10.

Prediction | Marv Rebounds

Weird opener for Marv. Like, AP, though I think he shines on this track in Oakland San Diego. Top five for Marv. (Ed. Note: Again, pertains to Oakland, but let’s get Marv some momentum, too!)

I wrote this BEFORE Marv got hurt. Doesn’t count.

Slawdiction: Incomplete.

Prediction | HarDog Grant Harlan Improves Even More

After finishing 16th 17th at A1, HarDog sent it to Prescott Valley, AZ for the AMA Arenacross series to get some extra seat time. It’s gonna pay off. I say he gets 15th in San Diego. You’re welcome, Troy Dog.

What happens when you do anything with Troy Dog. Shame.

Slawdiction: Troy sucks. Grant does not.

On to A2, the Crown Jewel of the series….

Jett Wins

Bold, I know!

Deegan Wins Supercross Futures

The first round of Supercross Futures is this weekend and we will see Haiden Deegan make his debut. The class is stacked with Deegan, Dax, Cochran, Linville and the rest of the boys going at it. After watching Deegan at Mini O’s and in his prep for this, I think he snags the W.

No One Tweets About Another Rider

I really want riders back on Twitter. IT IS SO GREAT! But one round after the Tweet heard around moto, alas we get none this week. Shame.

Roczen Podiums

K-Roc aka Kenny Kickstart is getting more and more comfy on the yellow banana. Consistency is key in Triple Crowns and Kenny has a ton of that. First podium for Suzuki since…. yeah, ask Clinton. I don’t know. A long time. Probably.

Enzo Podiums

This isn’t as bold as it sounds. Enzo is fing primed for this. He does it and Brazil explodes.

Main image: Jessica Reed

Written by Slaw Dog

Just a dog trying to find my special bun.

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