“I Wasn’t Feeling Like Myself,” Evan Ferry on Leaving Triumph

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Triumph Racing announced that they had mutually parted ways with Evan Ferry on Saturday, which led to Steve Matthes of Pulp Hockey fame, to have him on the PulpMX Show on Monday night.

During the half hour interview, Ferry couldn’t say much due to the legal documents that he had allegedly signed during the split. Matthes was able to get somewhat of a story out of the 19-year-old Floridian.

“I just wasn’t comfortable,” Ferry said. “I wouldn’t even say it had anything to do with the bike or personnel, I just wasn’t feeling like myself.”

Ferry explained how he was feeling mentally after having to keep a low profile in his life as well as staying quiet on social media for the majority of his Triumph deal.

“It was a really hard year, mentally,” he said. “You have to think about obviously none of the races that I did last year went very well. I was basically in the dark for a whole year. I couldn’t talk about what I was doing, and then even for a long period of time, I couldn’t even talk about where I was even living. A lot of that is really hard on somebody. I feel like I’ve always strived off a little of the energy coming off of social media. I think a lot of it was tough just not being able to say anything.”

He also addressed the talk around the teams that he’s been on recently and the rumors that he was reportedly burning bridges with each one.

“Honestly the Husky thing, the bridge wasn’t burned, Ferry said. “People were talking about how i went to three different teams or something crazy, and I burned another bridge at Yamaha, which is also not true. A lot of those rumors that were going around, like the Husky thing, none of those bridges were burnt.”

If it comes down to it, Ferry said that he would show up during the Pro Motocross Nationals as a privateer. This is a fresh start for him and he said that he’s excited for what is to come in the future.

“I’m excited to see where this is going to go,” Ferry said. “Whether I end up somewhere else or what really happens, it’s kind of up in the air.”

Ferry posted a reel on Instagram of himself riding his father’s KX450 at Monster Mountain in Alabama on Monday.

Full Show With OUR Denny Stephenson in Studio:

Steve Matthes reported that Ferry walked away from a six-figure deal.

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