T-Dog’s Takes, Anaheim 2: Craig is Still the Big Daddy

T-Dog’s Takes is getting a TON of praise, so much so that even my agent Bird Dog texted me and told me to keep up the great work on it. I’ll be able to buy a bigger yacht before you know it!

Anaheim 2 was everything I wanted San Diego to be. In my opinion San Diego was more boring than watching Slaw Dog pump his own content on the @vurbmoto social accounts instead of mine. Anyway, I made it through every lap in Anaheim 2 without falling asleep and here are three things that stood out to me from my couch. 


People either love Vince Friese or they hate him. There is no in between on that. I personally don’t understand the heat to be honest. I’ve done a few interviews with Friese back in the day and he’s always been straight up with me. He’s not out there to make any friends and the riders that race him are there to take money out of his pocket. So, I totally respect him, but at the same time, I’ve never raced him. If I were on the track I might have a different opinion. I can’t hold a candle to him, so I’ll never know. My point of this ramble is that he was on pace for podium. Hunter Lawrence and Jo Shimoda were on him faster than a billionaire in a rocket shaped like a huge johnson heading to space. Unfortunately, Friese dropped it in the whoops and Jo was already committed to 4th gear pinned in some pointy bois and he had nowhere else to go but into him. I know Friese will get this podium by the end of the series and it’ll be well deserved when he does.  

Mosiman vs Craig

What a battle that we had between Michael Mosiman and Christian Craig, eh? This series would have an entirely different vibe had Mosiman been able to get the win. Instead of feeling like Craig has this thing in the bag, I’d have felt more optimistic about Mosiman being able to bring the first title home to the GASGAS brand. Think about the scenario where you see Craig’s big press day crash, his fall in practice, and then Mosi takes another main event win after a great battle? Yeah, no, for sure. Craig is still the big daddy-large father in this series.


Heart Throb finished 12th in the 450 main event. Yes, the same Brandon Hartranft that was on the cusp of most LCQ’s last year, is now knocking on the door of the top ten in a class full of race winners and champions. This dude is figuring the class out and those Suzuki’s are barking. If Hart Dog is already this good this early then just wait until outdoors comes around. I figured since no one would talk about the top Suzuki finisher on the weekend then I should. We are teammates at HEP Suzuki and sponsored by Twisted Tea, Mayhem Wheels, Progressive, Thor, and team manager Dustin Pipes always makes sure I’m taken great care of. #FAMILY

Main image: Yamaha

Written by Troy Dog

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