T-Dog’s Takes: 5 Reasons Ryan Dungey Being Back is Awesome

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He’s back! I never really thought I would be this excited that Ryan Dungey was back to racing, but I’m on the bandwagon. The Dunge is only eight months and a day older than I am, so this comeback is really hitting me in the feels. This was my age group. That could be me out there right now. I would have went 1-1, but hey a 5-5 is a great building block for the rest of the season. Here are five reasons why I’m excited that Dunge Dog is back!


By just watching one round of Dungey, I know that everything is the same with him. He’s got the same key sponsors, of course, with Red Bull KTM, Fox, and Oakley. The riding style is still as solid as ever and as Ginger Dog would say, “deserves a chef’s kiss”, whatever that means. It’s literally as though Dungey has never even retired or been gone six years. I’m here for it. His corner speed still bangs. 

30 Plus Class

As I said in the intro, Dungey is representing us in the 30 plus class. I remember when I was growing up that was one of the classes that my dad raced on the weekends and the fact that this is where I belong in life makes me want to throw up. The riders he is racing now have had their issues beating Dungey in the past or were not even in the class when he was still racing full-time. We are getting old, but we are also getting better too. 

He Can Win

Let me get this straight. Dungey took six years off and went 5-5 in his first race back? So what does that mean for the rest of the season? His fitness and consistency is obviously just fine, so he’s only going to get better. The podium can be reached at Hangtown and then what round does he click off a win? At what point do we start talking about a championship? He sounded a bit upset with himself in his interview after the race and this is what I’ve been trying to warn you people about since my appearance on the PulpMX Show. He’s not happy with fifth. He’s going to give it everything he has to win and it’s not a matter of if, it’s when. 

He Wins off the Track too

I saw Lindsay Dungey’s refreshing Instagram post about how she didn’t want Ryan to come back to racing. I mean why would she? The two of them now have two very young children, a large bank account, and nothing but time to spend with one another. Why risk your health and body for a chance to suffer through the pain of a grueling outdoor season? Like, if that was Ginger Dog telling me no, I’d be bummed but I would not be racing. Heck, Ryan just gets his way and he’s out there doing what he loves and Lindsay is on board to support him. That’s what Ginger Dog would be doing too, because racing is an addictive lifestyle that we can’t get away from. 

Fun Factor is HIGH

Dungey rolled up to Pala with that cool dad vibe that so many riders ride the success of in their later years. We saw Chad Reed and Justin Brayton race with that same vibe later in their careers, well now it’s RD’s turn. He’s enjoying the moment and soaking in everything, just in case this is his last go around, I’ve never looked at Dungey in the way I do right now. I’ve always had respect for him, of course, but this comeback he’s doing is just so cool to me. He’s been linked to coming back the past couple of years and he finally made it happen. This is going to be a very cool season of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross. 

Main image: KTM

Written by Troy Dog

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