Power Rankings: 250 Silly Season Moves

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Since it’s the off-season we decided to change things up a bit in the Guts Racing Vurb Power Rankings. Going forward, Slaw and Troy will be ranking different topics until racing starts again at Anaheim. Ginger Dog is currently breaking up fights in middle school for the next few months and will rejoin the rankings once racing starts.

WE have a special guest this week. A member of Troy’s Elite Athlete program or whatever it’s called, and current Partzilla PRMX Kawasaki rider Hunter Yoder joins us.

As always, feel free to flame away on Troy below or on social. Not Slaw. Or Hunter.

Now onto this weeks topic: Ranking the best 250 silly season moves.


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Slaw Dog

-I’m big on Jo next year. I still want to see which coast he will ride, but I think he’s a favorite for the SX title.

-People sleeping on this. Yes, Jo Dawg is only doing 250 Pro Motocross (for now) with the team, but this is a great get for a new brand coming into the sport.

-Enzo has been soooo solid the last few years. No offense to Club, but Star is a powerhouse right now. Will it take him to a winner level? I think it could.

-Mitch needed this after losing Jo and Ryder D. Great get for PC.

-Ryder D got lost in the Deegan season, but man, he was solid for a rookie. I think PC will regret letting him go.

Troy Dog

-Jo Shimoda to HRC Honda is the biggest 250 move this offseason. No rider that is switching teams has higher stock than him right now, especially after his showings at the end of Pro Motocross and SMX Playoffs. He’s got big shoes to fill with the Lawrence brothers moving out of the class and Honda has brought him on to deliver titles indoors and out.

-Kitchen to PC was a move that I didn’t see coming. Levi made a name for himself on the Yamaha brand and he’s continued to progress. Next year he will be in the mix for both championships and this fresh start will be great for him.

-Ryder D is getting a fresh start with GASGAS and it’s coming at the perfect time for him. He made steady progress throughout the Pro Motocross series and SMX. He’s figured out how to run up front and I’m excited to see what he can accomplish for the TLD Squad. 

-Max Vohland is solid. He’s always right there inside of the top ten. However, since turning pro he’s never had an podium indoors or overall podium outdoors. Although, he’s been close many times. Now he makes the transition to the Pro Circuit team and that could give him the push that he needs to get on the podium more often. 

-Enzo Lopes was signed to the ClubMX team, but then somehow was able to get out of it and move on to Star Racing. This is a SX only deal for Enzo and it’s going to be THE chance that he’s been looking for. If he’s going to make a championship run this is the year to do it. I did not see this move coming, but I’m excited to see what he can do with this opportunity. 

Main image: Honda HRC

Written by Slaw Dog

Just a dog trying to find my special bun.

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