Slawservation: All My Predictions Came True, a Week Later

Let’s travel back to nine days ago. In the most read (by family members of Slaw) column on the internet, Slawdictions, I made some super hot bold predictions for Daytona. 

Let’s review a few of those:

Hunter Podiums

This is a flaming hot bold prediction. Hunter Lawrence has raced three supercross races. Just three. BUT, I think he’ll excel at the more outdoor-sy Daytona track and grab his first career podium. 

Hammaker Top Five

Out of all 100 rookies that debuted at O2, I was most impressed with Seth Hammaker. Kid just looked legit and honestly it was quite surprising. I think he’ll do well again this weekend and sneak into the top five.

Barcia Podiums

LEAD. SLAW. LOCK. OF. THE. WEEK. BamBam has been super impressive lately. If not for a Vince Friese, he would have four straight top five finishes. That continues this weekend with his fourth podium of the year. 

Not a single damn one of those came true at Daytona. Here is the problem, as I figured out this morning: I WAS A WEEK LATE. I meant to put Arlington 1, NOT Daytona.

I, humble leader of Slaw Nation, would like to apologize for this. 

You see, ALL of these came true on Saturday. 

Seth Hammaker was damn near flawless en route to his first career main event win. Hunter Lawrence rode damn good all night to take second, his first career podium. Justin Barcia, meanwhile, rode to second place behind Cooper Webb. 

See, I was right all along, it just so happened I named the article Daytona, not Arlington 1. It won’t happen again. 

Written by Slaw Dog

Just a dog trying to find my special bun.

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