What to Watch for at the JS7 Spring Championship at Freestone

We made it! Well almost… currently riding shotgun somewhere in Louisiana en route to the infamous JS7 Spring Championship at Freestone. While this might be the bookend event to the Spring National stretch it has Mini O’s/Loretta hype building around it which should yield some incredible racing to lead us into the Loretta’s qualifying block coming up over the next couple of months. 

The Dream Team

That is right, the OG Vurb crew is back at it this week and somehow I found myself right in the thick of it all. Danny Stu, Kyle Cowling, Jason Crane, Wes Williams, Dylan Jackson and I will all be in attendance. Now as some of you may or may not know this is also the crew (less Will Posey) that brings you each and every episode of Red Bull Moto Spy so you know the content coming out in the coming week and a half is going to be absolute fire. 

The Grind

This week will conclude the marathon session that is the Spring National stretch and it will be interesting to see if any of the riders who have raced all three events start to fade a little. While I understand these are just kids with seemingly endless energy there is no denying how much of a grind it truly is. The racing, sitting around for days on end, travel from Florida to Texas, heck the list of things that can wear you down is endless. Time will tell. 

Pro Sport

Chance Hymas has entered the chat. With most of the heavy hitters skipping RCSX we got to see our Freestone preview at Spring a Ding and holy crap am I excited to see these dudes (and Tayler Allred) go at it. Chance Hymas and Levi Kitchen split wins in the A/Pro Sport classes with names like Luca Marsalisi, Jett Reynolds, Tommy Rios, Cullin Park, Jack Chambers and Jace Kessler all in the mix as well. 

125 All-Stars

While flipping through the class structure earlier I came across what could quite possibly be my race to watch, 125 All-Stars. While im not entirely sure who will be out there one thing I do know is that we are going to head some 125s sing this week! 

B Class

Evan Ferry and Nick Romano have entered the chat. Ryder DiFancesco has been nearly unstoppable thus far through 2/3rds of the Spring Nationals and is looking to carry that energy into Freestone but Evan Ferry, Nick Romano, Ben Garib, Jayden Clough, and Caden Braswell will all have something to say about that. Hopefully we are able to see Daxton Bennick line up after taking the week off to rest up from his crash in Daytona. 

As some of you may or may not have heard, Carter Biese had a massive get off at Spring a Ding earlier this week and is currently in the ICU in a medically induced coma. I wanted to share the Go Fund Me link to aid with his medical expenses. All of us here a Vurb are thinking about Carter and the Biese family and will be updating as his recovery progresses. 

Written by Jeff Simpson

We met Jeff sleeping in a tent down the street from Loretta Lynn's... with his computer. At that point, we knew he would fit in with us. Then, he then drank all the white claw flavors none of us liked, and that's when we knew it was meant to be. Jeff officially became part of the crew.
We're terrible at asking questions, so we're not exactly sure what Jeff does for a living, but he loves petting his cats and dog, growing his beard, and living in a cornfield in Michigan. Jeff also likes to wear cycling glasses while driving his car and using his cameras. We like Jeff.

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