Slaw’s Favorite Quotes Following Anaheim 1

Below are some quotes I found that were funny, provided insight, etc. following Anaheim 1. These are from the press conference, press releases and social.

I may do this after every round. But can’t confirm.

Eli Tomac
“This is my tenth Anaheim 1 in the 450 class, so apparently it took me ten times to figure it out, [laughs] how to get everything to go the right way for round one, and from pre-season to the race itself.”

Cooper Webb
“I sucked last year, so it feels nice.”

Jett Lawrence
“A lot of people have said I’ve gotten taller, but I think it’s just people naturally think that because they haven’t seen me in a while. All off-season I didn’t post much, so when you see a kid without for a while, you come back and they look massive. I think I’m almost a little lighter than last year. So, I might have put a bit of extra muscle, hopefully. But besides that, I’m still fairly the same.”

Is that facial hair coming in?
No, it’s actually implants. I can’t grow that yet.”

Ken Roczen
“I hope no one watched my first couple of laps in the main as I bounced my head off the bar pad what felt like about 15 times.”

RJ Hampshire
“Like I said, I got second last year in the championship, but I wasn’t in the championship. Jett just walked away with that. So, that’s kind of my goal is just to be in this thing and have a shot at it. Same with Cam [McAdoo]. We’re going to be in this thing.”

Colt Nichols
“I went into the main and got a really good start and kind of fumbled the first little straightaway and went from first to like sixth. [laughs]”

Lars Lindstrom, Honda HRC team manager
“The track was extremely rough and rutted, and Chase probably needed to adapt to the track a little bit better, but to come away from Anaheim 1 with a podium is a success in my book.”

Written by Slaw Dog

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