Slawdictions for Daytona: Tomac Breaks RC’s Record

Following a 93 percent accuracy rate in 2022, the most-read, most popular blog in Supercross is back for another season of flaming hot predictions. We are off to round 8 in Daytona.

As the greatest wrastler alive, Ric Flair, once said: “I’m the stylin’, profilin’, limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin’ and dealin’ son of a gun.”

As always, we will first review my amazing picks from Arlington before we get into Daytona.

Prediction | Coopa Takes Second Win of Year

Are Triple Crowns the best for Webb, a dude who uses his late race prowess to take souls? Not really. He finished fourth overall at the last Triple Crown at A2. Guess what? Slaw care nothing about that. Coopa is fired up right now. And a fired up Coopa finds a way to win. Second win of the year this weekend.

Raise your hand if you had Webb winning last weekend? Oh, just me.

Slawdiction: 100 out of 10.

Prediction | Bennick Takes Futures

Yeah, SX Futures is back! Stacked class, too. Star Racing Yamaha’s Dax Bennick took the W at Anaheim 2. I like him for a win again this weekend.

Is Dax the next dude? He sure looks like it after two Futures rounds. Can’t wait to see what he does at the upcoming Amateur Nationals.

Slawdiction: 100 out of 10.

Prediction | Anstie Takes Third Podium

Raise you hand if you had Max Anstie with back-to-back podiums to begin the East Region? Please sit down Anstie family. Jolly old Max has been the surprise of 250 East. He’s a veteran, not really of supercross, though, but it doesn’t matter. He teaches the kids another lesson this weekend with a third straight podium.

Me and Hunt Dog are tight. Like a dog and a bun. But our relationship took a hit when he collected a Anstie in the third race and cost me a W.

Slawdiction: Incomplete.

Prediction | Mosiman Bounces Back

Tough start to the year for pre-season title contender Michael Mosiman. 6-7 finishes are not what he and the team imagined. Mos Dog rode well in Tampa, but ran into a Mister Hunter Lawrence and went down. Well, Mosiman bounces back in a big way this weekend. Podium!

Yeah, I don’t know.

Slawdiction: -5 out of 10.

Prediction | Sexton Runner-up Again

As I said last week. Sexton will be fastest in qualifying, win his heat, but finish runner-up to Webb.

Sorry, James is out, Slawstradamus is in. #AMAMediaNominee

Slawdiction: 100 out of 10.

Onto Daytona, the Crown Jewel of the series….

Tomac Passes the GOAT

Daytona and Tomac go together like a classic Oscar and some Slaw on a hot summer day. Last year, Tomac picked up his sixth win at the iconic race (despite what a Mister Matthes says) and broke a tie with Ricky Carmichael for the most wins at the event. Tomac enters this weekend tied with RC on the all-time Supercross wins list with 48. What a more fitting way to pass the GOAT than this weekend. He gets it done. 

J-Mart for the Upset

Until I read a Mister Kel Dawg’s Tweet below, I was going to go Hunter. Not anymore. J-Mart gets it done on the more, kind of, sort of, outdoor style track.

Anstie Rises

Live look at Anstie heading to Daytona. He secures a podium. LEAD SLAW LOCK OF THE WEEK!

Webb Runner Up

Don’t forget, Webb is actually pretty damn good on this track. Last year he led 15 of 18 laps and dang near held off Tomac. He’s hot right now, so I like him for a runner-up finish.

The Brayton/Weege Love Fest is Too Much to Overcome

Please report any and all findings to me directly regarding this weekend. Thanks.

Main image: DNC Photos

Written by Slaw Dog

Just a dog trying to find my special bun.

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