Shred Tour Washington: Vurb’s Heading to Grays Harbor ORV

We’re leaving Georgia and heading to Grays Harbor ORV in Washington State for the next round of the Vurb Shred Tour on August 28-29. That’s a 40 hour huck and just shy of 2,700 miles. Don’t think we’re dedicated to grassroots moto? Think again, amigo.

Imagine sitting down for work on Monday and leaving work on Friday. Assuming we drove 8 hours per day, that’s how long we would be driving. Then we’re hucking it back to the Midwest for our East Fork MX round in Ohio September 18-19. And we’re not done, because the Vurb Classic (yes, it’s a race) will be at Nxt Lvl 101 in South Carolina October 1-3, and after that we’re pointing the dials north to Maine for our MX207 Shred stop on October 16-17. After that we’ll probably sleep for a few weeks.

Needless to say, it’s on and poppin’ and we’re about to throw a million miles on our new Pro Master Van we just financed.

So if you’re in the Washington area and want to rip bikes (moto and/or mountain) come hang with us. Tons of riding, from off-road to moto, and we’ll be hosting some MTB shuttles throughout the weekend, as well. From Stacycs to Pit Bikes to pretty much anything on two wheels, this is a weekend of riding with your buds and sipping a few ice cold suds. If all these reasons weren’t enough to come, the “Greatest Retired Rider Ever” Ryan Villopoto will be in attendance.

See below for more info:

Shred Tour Info

Shred Date: August 28-29

Shred Location:
Grays Harbor ORV
15015 WA-8
McCleary, WA 98557

Sponsors:, Fly Racing, Maxima, Race Tech (These dudes bleed grassroots moto, so you should support them. They help keep us from going out of business AGAIN.)

Gates Open:
Friday, August 27 – 3pm – 10pm (Close at 10 promptly. We need our beauty sleep)
Saturday, August 28 – 8am – 10 pm
Sunday, August 29 – 8am

Event Pricing
Gate Entry: $15/day
Practice Fee: $50 (Includes weekend pass and access to all tracks)
Dry Camping: $25/day
Power/Water: $35/day
(Every gate entry will receive a swag bag full of goodies, raffle tickets, etc.)

Event Details
– Chance to win 110cc Grand Prize. Every person that fills out a Vurb card at our booth will be entered to win a 110cc of their choice during a raffle drawing in December.
– More tracks than you can count – Full moto track, trails for you woods boys and girls, pit bike track, Stacyc track, MTB trails. He’ll bring your lawnmower and we’re sure we’ll find you spot to rip it.
– 600 FREE hotdogs on Saturday. Unless we need more, in which case we may cook 1,000.


Written by Bird Dog

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