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Welcome to the first edition of Sh** I Found on the Web. Hopefully this will be a weekly column, but I make no promises. So, what shall the premise of said column be? Well, it’s a collection of sh** (hence the name) I found on the interweb and thought was cool. You may not feel the same, so feel free to send any and all complaints to Jason Weigandt. Thanks for stopping by.

Triumph Has Some Fun with BMW

Ah, shit talking amongst brands is one of my favorite things of yesteryear motorcycling. It used to be fairly commonplace for brands to take digs at each other. Not so much any more. Well, we need more of it.

Ten years ago BMW launched the S 1000 RR with this awesome ad:

Triumph released their 2,458 cc Rocket 3 for 2020 and took a bit of a poke at the BMW ad, but of course it failed. BUT, was this intentional? Sources (ok, I have zero sources) say the Triumph makes more than twice as much torque as the original S 1000 RR, so of course it would fail, right?

Australia Dirtbike Sales Are Soaring

According to a report by the fine folks at, Australia is experiencing a boom in dirtbike sales! Per the report, sales have increased by 40 percent in comparison to the first half of last year through the second quarter of 2020.

More from the story:

In the opening six months of the year there has been 20,885 dirtbike sales, which is well above the 14,666 sold between January to June one year ago. The top-selling off-road brand was Yamaha at 6170 sales, followed by Honda (5497), KTM (3338), Kawasaki (3099), Husqvarna (1526) and Suzuki (1255).

Each of those brands remarkably recorded dirtbike sales increases, Yamaha by 49.2 percent, Honda 31.4 percent, KTM 36.6 percent, Kawasaki 72.8 percent, Husqvarna 59.8 percent and Suzuki 8.5 percent. Brands such as Sherco and Gas Gas aren’t currently part of the FCAI reporting.

Sure would be nice if sales were released in the U.S. I’ll save that rant for another day. Read the entire report here.

This Guy Is Amazing


No, no, no, Mr. Microsoft Word. IRREGARDLESS is now officially a real word in the dictionary. So you can take that little red line and shove it!

Merriam-Webster has officially made one of my favorites words (it wasn’t actually a word until now) a word!!!!! IRREGARDLESS, yes I can use that now, even though I’m not sure I even used it correctly, the battle of is this or is this not a word, can die! It’s a word.

From The Guardian:

The debate over the word is age-old (the word appeared in print as early as 1795) but continues to upset some people – teachers in particular. Evidencing the controversy over the word, Merriam-Webster’s own dictionary definition for irregardless includes a frequently asked questions section, for which the first question is: “Is irregardless a word?”

Merriam-Webster editor Peter Sokolowski tweeted a handy tip on how to deal with the news this weekend: “The trick is to remember that acknowledging existence and endorsing worth are not the same thing.” But somehow, we’re still not sure – here are four Guardian journalists explaining their takes.

Stolen Car Crashes Into ANOTHER STOLEN CAR

Sometimes it’s just not your day. Actually, it might be. Hear me out. You stole a car and crashed into a person whom also stole a car. Neither of you probably had insurance. So win/win. Or lose/lose because everyone was arrested.

Tom Cruise Rides Dirtbikes

Tom Cruise, while not my favorite actor or even top 10, just went up a couple notches in my book. Why? Because he rides dirtbikes of course.

Per a report from Drive Mag: “Tom Cruise is back on a motorcycle as the actor has been seen on the Mission Impossible 7 movie set as filming for the motion picture resumed in Oxfordshire, UK according to Daily Mail. This time, he is riding a motocross bike as he practises his motorcycle stunts on a specially designed dirt track.”

Hell yeah, Tommy Boy, let er eat!

Electric Scooter Racing Is a Real Thing

I mean, with most sports on hold due to COVID-19, I could get into this:

MotoGP in America Done For This Year

COVID-19 has really thrown the sports world into a spin. And now, word became official last week that the MotoGP round in Austin, Texas, would be canceled for this year. It was originally moved back to November 13-15 due to the pandemic.

The good news: It’s coming back next year on April 16-18.

Whelp, We Had a Good Run

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