Scouting Report: Notable Riders Following the Loretta Lynn Regionals

In case you’ve been living under a rock like Patrick Star, Loretta Lynn’s szn is upon us! Regionals are popping off from all four corners of the country and everywhere in between.

Every year as the month of June approaches, the amateur motocross scene is a buzzing social media beehive of activity. This year might be the loudest yet! We have seen some class favorites go out with injury and some drawing the short straw on ol’ father luck preventing a qualification thus far. A rollercoaster of emotion, if you will. The Regionals are just now wrapping up their second weekend of racing so results are scarce as we sit here today but we will be keeping everything up to date as we reach the end of the month and the last Regional Championships wrap up.

Here are some notable rides from each region thus far.

Mid-East Vet Regional: Wild Cat Creek MX, IN

Jace Kessler: Open Pro Sport: Kessler is no stranger to running up front and proved it taking the overall over Luca Marsalisi, Jack Chambers, Tommy Rios, Christopher Blackmer and McCoy Brough. Kessler also cleaned up in the North Central Region punching tickets in College and 250 Pro Sport.

Justin Cokinos: College (18-24): Justin had a very solid day going 1-2-2 for the overall over the likes of Christopher Blackmer, Stevie Hooker, McCoy Brough, Drake Bailey and Griffin Maxwell. Justin still has a couple backup regions to get it done in the Pro Sport classes.

North Central Vet Region: Riverside Raceway, IA

Jake Baumert: Open Pro Sport: A clean sweep on the weekend is a perfect way to pick that ticket to the big show. Hell of a ride, kid!

Justin McLosky + Tony Wenck: Senior 40+: These two mixed it up heavy all weekend long. McLosky would come out the victor but it wasn’t without some heat from Wenck and Joe Buskirk who grabbed a second in moto 2.

James Povolny Jr: Senior 45+: Povolny broke out the broom and started sweeping. Look for him to be in the mix in the hills of Tennessee come August.

Shelby Rolen: Womens: Rolen was rolling all weekend taking a convincing win over Jada Murphy, Lexi Dyekman and company with 1-1-1 scores.

North Central Youth Regional: Sunset Ridge MX, IL

Jacob Mariner: 51cc Shaft Drive: The hometown hero cleaned up in the shaft drive class which had some 48 entries!

Kade Nightingale: 51cc (7-8) Limited: Nightingale has been towards the front of whatever class he races since coming out of the womb. Look for that to continue as we get towards the latter half of Loretta’s week.

Jonathan Getz Jr: 65 10-11 Limited: This entire top 5 were mixing it up throughout the weekend but Getz would go 1-3-1 for first overall. Darren Pine was on the gas going 2-1-2 for second and Landon Walters rounded out the top three with 1-2-4 scores. These elder statesmen of the 65cc class are going to be a fun one to watch at The Ranch. Getz also grabbed a ticket in the 65cc 10-11 class as well.

Caden Dudney: 85cc 10-12 Limited and Mod: Sweep, sweep, sweep. There really isn’t anything else to say, the kid was hauling some serious ass in both classes.

Adler Caudle: Supermini 1 & Supermini 2: 1-2-1 gets it done in Supermini 1 for Caudle. Per usual the Supermini class is going to be on my Must Watch list going into Loretta’s. Krystian Janik was equally as fast but would lose the math game with 1-1-2 scores. Carter Malcolm would end up third overall with 2-3-3 scores. Don’t sleep on Leo Tucker though, he finished the weekend with 3-4-4 scores to prove he’s the real deal going into August.

Supermini 2 was much of the same for Caudle, as he once again took the overall. Tucker put in solid rides to grab second with 3-3-2 scores over Janik’s 2-1-5.

Landrey Hazen: Girls 11-16: Landrey has been off of the bike for months dealing with a stubborn collarbone that seemingly wouldn’t heal but she is back on the bike now and hasn’t missed a beat going 2-3-2 for second overall behind the Wonder Kid Kyleigh Stallings.

Northwest Youth & Amateur Regional: Washougal, WA

Preston Boespflug: 250B/450B/Schoolboy 2: Preston had a bit of a breakout ride at Freestone turning heads in the stacked B classes and is continuing to do the same with the likes of Gavin Towers, Talon Hawkins and Brock Bennett in tow.

Gage Ripplinger: 250C/250 C Limited: Gage was at the front of every C class taking the overall in 250C and 250C Limited while also grabbing second overalls in 250C Jr Limited and 450C.

Chase Cannizzaro: 250C Jr Limited: Cannizzaro is the ying to Ripplinger’s yang going 1-1 for the overall over Ripplinger, Jesse James and Robbie Donato.

Slade Varola: 125 B/C & Schoolboy 1: Varola only dropped one moto all weekend, which came in 125 B/C to Kayden Smith. Look for him to be a force in both classes.

Eiden Steinbrecher: 51cc 7-8 Limited: In what is looking like his last year on 50s he put in 1-1 scores to leave the Regional with very high Loretta’s hopes. Eiden then put the 65cc 7-9 class on notice grabbing a second overall.

Maddox Temmerman: 65cc 7-9 Limited and Mod: Maddox has only lost one moto thus far through the Area and Regional Qualifiers. Talk about some consistent results! He will be only to look for from the fences of the Ranch!

South Central Regional: Farm 14, MS

Kimble Jett: All of the B classes: Another dude putting the entire class on notice was Kimble Jett. He only lost one moto all weekend long. I’m not going to lie, I have yet to hear of him, but you better believe we will be seeing what the kid can do under the pressures Loretta Lynn’s can bring.

Raice Hernandez: 250C/450C: Another standout from Farm 14 was Raice Hernandez who took home overall’s in 250C + 450C. The C classes are always sneaky good come Loretta’s szn.

Avery Long: Schoolboy 2: Avery Long isn’t a household name yet but if he keeps rolling like he is, it won’t be too long before we all recognize. Long grabbed an overall win in Schoolboy 2-2nd in 250B and third OA in 450B. Hell of a weekend, kid!

125 B/C + Schoolboy 1: Talk about a couple of classes with tons of parody going on. These kids are mixing gas and hauling some serious ass. Jeremiah Willoughby, Crockett Meyers, Diesel Thomas, Lucas Geistler, Nicolas Israel, Wyatt Creighton and Collin Allen were all in the mix in both classes. It would be Meyers taking home the overall in 125 B/C and Willoughby getting the win in Schoolboy 1.

Southeast Amateur Regional: Muddy Creek, TN

Caden Braswell: 250B + Schoolboy 2: Braswell missed Loretta’s last year due to injury and has been looking to come back with a vengeance this year. He swept a stacked 250B class which included Gage Linville, Gage Stine, Chase Yentzer, Ayden Shive, and Daxton Bennick. Braswell also grabbed a third overall in Schoolboy 2.

Gabe Holland: 250C/250C Jr. Limited: Gabe was on one at Muddy Creek picking up a pair of overalls in 250C and 250C Jr Limited. The only dull spot on his weekend was a 17th in moto 1 of the 250C Limited class but he salvaged his Loretta’s hopes with a third and a 1st in the second remaining motos which was good enough for sixth and a third ticket to the show.

Gage Stine: 450B/250 B Limited: Gage Stine did work in 450B, sweeping the class and taking the overall. He would also punch his ticket in the remaining three B classes with another 1st in 250B Limited, 3rd in 250B and 2nd in 450B Limited. Stine has always had the sprint speed to put himself in good positions early on but it’s looking like his fitness has come around and is looking to make a statement this year at Loretta’s.

Daxton Bennick: Schoolboy 2: Putting his 250B class results behind him, Dax rose to the occasion in Schoolboy 2 grabbing the overall over the likes of Linville, Braswell, Hudson, Shive and Eads. Hopefully he can stay out of the mud in his backup region and punch his tickets for his remaining classes.

125 B/C + Schoolboy 1: Take the names I’m about to list off, memorize them, then shuffle them all around because that is exactly what seemed to happen in the premier 125cc classes. Logan Best, Noah Smerdon, Ivan Aldama, Ryder Gwynn, Landon Hartz, Trevin Nelson, and Trip Rexroat all scored top 3 points throughout the two classes. That is seven guys all fighting for the same spots. We don’t often get parody like that let alone in the 125cc classes. Logan Best would come out the victor in 125cc B/C while Ivan Aldama captured the Schoolboy 1 win.

Southeast Youth Regional: Gatorback, FL

Carson Wood: 65cc 10-11 Stock and Mod: Carson broke out his broom and went to work on the 65cc classes taking wins in both classes. It didn’t come without pressure from Wyatt Duff, Grant McDonald, Travis Johnsmeyer and Jackson McCarty. These kids are no strangers to each other as they have already been battling for the last few years and will continue the same trend for years to come.  

Braydan Comerford: 65cc 79 Limited and Mod: The little ripper was on it taking first overall in 65cc mod and a third in Limited behind Tayce Morgan and Gage Brown. Look for these three to be in the mix for top 10’s come August in Tennessee.

The 85cc Kids: Holy smokes where to even begin here. Much like the rest of the Southeast Region, the 85cc classes are stacked. Landon Gibson, Drew Adams, Seth Dennis, Chace Lawton and Brennon Harrison were all in the mix. Yes, Drew Adams rode 85 10-12, Mini Sr. 1, and Supermini 1 landing on the box overall in all three classes.

Tiger Wood: Mini Sr 1&2/Supermini 1: Ah yes, the age range in which kids are ripping through the Mini Sr classes but also mixing it up heavy in the Supermini classes. Tiger grabbed himself a pair of Wins in Mini Sr 1 and 2 along with a fifth in Supermini 1. Not too bad for the new kid on the block in the Supermini ranks.

Casey Cochran: Supermini 1&2: Supermini was Cochran’s for the taking and it showed with his sweep of both classes on the weekend. The competition was fierce behind him with Agustin Barreneche, Drew Adams, Jude Smerlick, Thomas Wood and Codee Samples all sending it in Supermini 1.   

Southwest Regional: Pala, CA

Nicholas Long: 250C Limited/250C Jr Limited: Once again the C Classes do not disappoint with Nick grabbing an overall in 250C Jr Limited with 7,1 scores! That’s the kind of racing we love to see with everything on the line for the 2nd moto and he rose to the occasion punching his tickets.

Hunter Cross: 450B Limited/College: Sweeping seems to be a common theme here across all of the Regional Championships. Hunter Cross did just that in 450B Limited and College but would have to settle for a fifth going 4-5 in 250B, just missing the ticket slot to Brad West’s 5-4 scores.

Mark Fineis: Schoolboy 1 & 125cc B/C: Fineis is another name that has been running up front all spring leading into Loretta’s szn and has continued that momentum through the Regionals. He missed Loretta’s last year due to an injury in the weeks leading up to the race. Providing he stays healthy, I’m very excited to see what he can do on the 125 at the Ranch. He would grab an overall in 125cc B/C and a second in Schoolboy 1 behind Landin Pepperd.

Ben Garib: 250B/Schoolboy 2: Garib put the class on notice taking the overall in Schoolboy 2 over Nick Romano, Brad West and Marcello Leodorico. His 250B results are nothing too shy away from either with a second overall behind Romano.  

Pro Sport Classes: Alright there is too much single out in these classes so let’s dig right in. Welcome back Matt LeBlanc. He has been recovering all winter/spring from some shoulder issues that seem to have been sorted out because he was giving guys like Levi Kitchen, Jett Reynolds, and Hunter Yoder all they could handle. Levi Kitchen would prove to be the class of the field going 1-1 for the overall in both Pro Sport classes. Jett Reynolds was heavily in the mix as well as he approaches what could be his final A class season. This is a bit of a make-or-break deal for Jett as his Spring National results were not as good as he would have hoped. I would say the cliché, watch out for the Pro Sport Classes come August but that’s a given, right?

Ryan Hughes: Senior 45+: Charge Life! That is all. Ryno went 1-1 for the overall over Kurt Nicoll and even “Fro” Jeff Emig. Yes, you read that right, Emig, Nicoll and Hughes will all be battling at the Ranch! This is definitely one to watch out for.

Haiden Deegan: Supermini 1&2: Dangerboy is at it again in his last season on a Supermini, looking dominate as ever. Noah Viney, Jeremy Fappani, Jackson Glathar and Landen Gordon will all have something to say about that one we get to Tennessee but until then, they will be left figuring out how to slay the dragon that is Deegan. The Supermini classes will be fireworks as always.

Max Shane: 85cc Limited and Mod: Max ran a near flawless weekend in the elder 85cc class only dropping 1 moto to Vincent Wey which happened to be the 2nd moto of the Mod class thus handing the overall to Wey.

Vincent Wey: 65cc 10-11/85cc 10-12 Limited and Mod: Speaking of Vincent, he was looking as good as ever on his 65cc and 85cc Husky’s taking 1st in 65cc 10-11 and 85cc 10-12. Also grabbing a third in 85 10-12. Little Wey is hoping to rebound from his misfortunes last year at Loretta Lynn’s and make his mark on these classes.

That’s a wrap on the first batch of Regional Championships that have been completed. Some classes have seen some surprises, some not so much, but that’s what it is all about. Who will rise to the occasion and have their own Ryan Dungey moment at Loretta Lynn’s in 2021.


  1. Northeast: Jack Rogers, Cullin Park, and Justin Cokinos battled almost every lap of the 250 Pro Sport division all three motos. Throw in Robby Marshall to the mix in the Open A class. There is a chance he may never slow down.

    Marshall and Aaron Lampi separating themselves in 25+ as the front runners.

    Nic Hayes was strong in 30+ with Matthew Hougentogler taking 2nd overall and a moto win.

    Jamie Astudillo and Katie Benson battled every moto with Benson taking the overall with a more consistent ride.

  2. Heck yes! We will be adding Tomahawk to next weeks edition, they didn’t have the results posted at the time of writing this article. Im psyched to dig into the NE. HEAVY hitters up there!

  3. Steve S… Bro… we’re trying over here, alright? Instead of acting like we owe you something, how about a simple, “Hey guys, it’s great you’re literally the only ones out here covering amateur motocross. You should keep an eye out for my boy next time!” That will get you much, much further with us, I promise. Alternatively, you could just keep not getting coverage anywhere else. Have a good one.

Written by Jeff Simpson

We met Jeff sleeping in a tent down the street from Loretta Lynn's... with his computer. At that point, we knew he would fit in with us. Then, he then drank all the white claw flavors none of us liked, and that's when we knew it was meant to be. Jeff officially became part of the crew.
We're terrible at asking questions, so we're not exactly sure what Jeff does for a living, but he loves petting his cats and dog, growing his beard, and living in a cornfield in Michigan. Jeff also likes to wear cycling glasses while driving his car and using his cameras. We like Jeff.

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