Shaking Things Up In Arizona | AMA Arenacross Round 8 Recap

Prescott Valley, Arizona, established by gold miners and ranchers in the late 1800s, played host to Round 8 of the AMA Arenacross Series presented by Kicker. Coming off a clean sweep last round in Guthrie, Oklahoma; Ryan Breece looked to bring his momentum west and continue chipping away at Kyle Peters’ points lead.  Just like they were holding the pan over the river, the Arenacross boys were shaking in Prescott Valley!

Warning: If you are a baby or are allergic to cheese, you may want to exit the page now.  Extreme shaking and cheesiness ahead.  You have been warned.

Ryan Breece – Shaking up the points race and shaking the piggybank is all Breece had on his mind in Arizona. After sweeping another weekend of racing he’s reduced Peters’ lead to 13 and from the Arenacross purse alone boarded his plane home with $5931 in his pocket.

Kyle Peters – We can promise the defending champion and points leader Peters leaves Arizona hoping to shake off the weekend. For the first time all season Peters didn’t step on the podium while his closest competitor went 1-1 in the main events. Peters went 4-4 on the night.

Mason Kerr – Before he can shake off the weekend, KP is going to have to shake off the dirt that Mason Kerr put him down in during a last lap heat race battle. Kerr wanted the last transfer and was willing to shake Peters to the ground for it. Kerr shook his first with excitement as he went to the main event and Peters went to the semi and the 2nd row for the Main Event 1 start. Kerr ran in podium position for much of the first main before coming across in 5th. He’d finish 10th in Main Event 2.

Robbie Wageman – An off weekend from the 250 West Coast Supercross Series meant Wageman and the Team Solitaire boys were going to come shake some Heartbeat Hot Sauce on the series… or Wageman wanted to show off his new Shake Weight to the boys. Either way, he started the night falling in the first turn of his heat race before executing a race smoother than an ice cold chocolate shake on a summer day going all the way through the field to win! His main events were nothing to shake your head at with 3-2 finishes.

Kyle Bitterman – The man known as The Underdog was able to shake off the effects of his nagging injuries and shake hands with the podium again in Arizona. Bitterman looked more like the rider who has been runner-up in the series multiple times this weekend and went 2-7 on the night.

Izaih Clark – Clark along with his teammate Bitterman likely had the Lasting Impressions/Storm Lake Honda team manager shaking with nervousness in their heat race as the duo held the two transfer positions and proceeded to exchange the one and two spots like they were playing hot potato. The heat win was the highlight of the night for Izaih as he was only able to manage 8-8 finishes in the Main Events.

Austin Politelli – Everytime Politelli shows up at an Arenacross it makes me wish he’d shake the Supercross bug and commit full-time to the series. He’s really good at it and I’m betting he could shake the money tree enough to buy plenty of rattles for his baby to shake. Hopefully someone makes him an offer that forces him to shake on it to accept and compete full time in 2025! Politelli finished 7-3 on the night.

Kelana Humphrey – We can guarantee there was a lot of shaking going on for Kelana Humphrey in his Pro debut. Rookie jitters shakes and shaking off the dirt after Crockett Myers took him down to name a couple. Humphrey improved throughout the night and finished 10-9 in the Main Events.

Cody Groves – Two things I will not shake when writing a report about Arenacross.  One, mentioning Race Tech and two, providing a Cody Groves update.  The winner of the Race Tech B-Main Cody Groves was without question shaking his booty on the dance floor downtown in the Valley after the race. Speaking of Groves, I discovered he has a handful of Vlogs on YouTube from the nationals last summer.  If you decide to go check them out, shake a leg!

Dbo and Kristin Banks – It was awesome to see Arenacross legend and king of the Dash for Cash “Dbo” Denny Stephenson join Kristin Banks on the floor for the broadcast. I’d say they had the “Shake and Bake” dialed as smoothly as Ricky and Cal. For Kristin’s sake, I hope she was able to shake any advances our buddy Dbo may have made throughout the evening.

Finally, I’m just glad Cameron McAdoo wasn’t racing.

We head to a double header in Reno, NV next Friday and Saturday night! A large floor and close championship battle have me shaking with excitement.  Get more info at or subscribe to to catch the action at every event live!

Written by Checkerz

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