Power Rankings: High Point

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It’s Friday, the day before High Point, Round 4 of the Pro Motocross Championship and do you know what that means?


Troy Dog and Slaw Dog are back for another round of Power Rankings! Yes, we understand that other power rankings lists exist, but OURS matter more. They just do mate! We pull more weight and our opinions are always spot on. So, if you make the list then you’re an absolute unit.

Let’s do this!

Slaw Dog

-This weekend. Going to be amazing. Too bad Troy wasn’t invited.

-AP is the MAN. Do not talk during America.

-Yep, this is happening.

-Lawrence bros will dominate for a long time.

-Haiden Deegan is the dude.

-Valiant effort.

-These dudes might be the next Lawrences.

Troy Dog

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-AP is the man. He showed up to Thunder Valley in his cowboy Halloween costume and let the TV crew know that he doesn’t play around during the National Anthem.

– The Summer of NO Slaw has kicked off and I’ve been enjoying it! Use the code TROYDOG20 to save on your shopvurb.com order. Code not available on bundle orders!

– We’ve got the FRO400 this weekend at Washougal and my buddy, the legend, the one and only Jeff Emig’s team is going to win.

– Deegs is three for three and has a commanding points lead already. He’s hungry and he wants this championship.

– Oops, I left Jett off of my rankings last week. It was probably the first time he wasn’t in the top three. Last weekend he became a moto mom when Chance Hymas won his first ever moto.

– HUNTER LAWRENCE TRAIN COMING THROUGH! WE’VE CLIMBED THE MOUNTAIN! We’ve got our first moto win and battled for that overall until the end at Thunder Valley. We’ve got the red plate as we head into the ‘Country Club of Motocross’.

– Right now J-Law is hanging out at our Shred Tour with Chili Dog Wes like it’s 2005 all over again. He’s racing the FRO400 and somehow he made it there. 2024 is weird man, but I’m happy to see it.

– Freddie Noren is the most underrated racer in history. He has come a long way from when he first came over here to race in 2011. The nicest racer in history as well.

– Marsh Dog has had a really great season. A 13-13 day at Thunder Valley kept the ball rolling and he will get better now that the series is heading East. RedBud is on the horizon!

Main Image: Octopi Media

Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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