Podcast, Podcast, Podcast: The Birth and Rebirth of MX Sports Center

If you’ve been reading Vurb the last few days, you’ve had the pleasure of Wes Williams aka Chilidog aka The Chilliest Dog in the Game, take you behind the scenes of how MX Sports Center started way, way, way back in 2005.

Seriously, check them out here, here and here if you haven’t yet. We’ll have more throughout the week.

On his Racer X Exhaust podcast, Jason Weigandt had DMXS Radio’s Kevin Kelly (who hosted the show with Weege) and The Chilliest Dog in the Game on to talk about that first year, how MX Sports Center led to vurbmoto and the creation of the motocross video world we know today, and reviving the shows for 2020.

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Written by Slaw Dog

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