Official: Nate Thrasher to Star Racing Yamaha

The long winding Nate Thrasher saga has come to a close. Yesterday, Thrasher announced on Instagram that his move to Monster Energy/Star Racing Yamaha is now official.

Let’s recap this. Last week TLD/Red Bull KTM teased a guest rider for Spring Creek. It was later announced that it would be Thrasher. THEN, the post was taken down and rumors of an unofficial trade between TLD (Gas Gas in 2021) and Star Yamaha was underway. This “trade” would have Thrasher to Star (now official) and Justin Barcia to Gas Gas (not official).

*Deep breath*

Anyway, Thrasher didn’t ride Spring Creek because, well, he was going to Star, which is now official. Barcia to Gas Gas is not. Got it?

Written by Slaw Dog

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